An effective website leads your visitors to take some sort of action. Many businesses want their site visitors to take such actions as making a purchase or becoming an email subscriber. How do businesses use their website to encourage their visitors to take a particular action? A call to action (CTA) is used to steer website visitors to meet the website objective. Most businesses want to turn leads into conversions with a CTA, but there are other actions that could be initiated through a call to action. If used effectively, the intended action should be taken when an individual visits your website.

What Is A CTA?

1. A Gateway To Conversion

A strong CTA is a gateway to encouraging website visitors to convert. For example, they’ll be prompted to view more of your products and services with your CTA. According to CTA optimization experts, a CTA can boost your conversion rates by 120%. It’s quite business savvy to use a CTA to prompt your customers to make a purchase.

2. Join Your Email List

A call to action can be used as a communication tool. For example, if you want visitors to become email subscribers, simply create a CTA to ask visitors to join your email list. Once they join your list, you can communicate with them about new products, business news, or exclusive offers. For instance, create an on-site pop-up that asks visitors to leave their email address.

3. Brand Loyalty

If a visitor takes the time to follow your CTA, this is also an opportunity to turn them from a lead to an actual converter and create brand loyalty. Reward your website visitors for utilizing your call to action prompt by offering a discount or other incentive. For example, if they use your CTA, offer them 15% off to gain a possible repeat customer.

4. An Inexpensive Marketing Tool

As a marketing tool, you can list your CTA on multiple pages of your website for far less than traditional marketing. A call to action is a simple marketing tool that all businesses don’t take advantage of which can have a huge impact on their bottom-line. If your business is not using a call to action, you’re missing out on successfully meeting your business objectives.

A CTA on a website is a simple phrase, button, or single word. It should be clearly visible on your website, strong, and to the point. Know what you want from your website visitors and include it in your CTA.

A website CTA should be separate from your other content because you want to capture the visitor’s attention and get them to take action. A landing page is also a great place to put a CTA. Your landing page is an important link closely associated with your website.

Remember, a solid website CTA will be one of your strongest tools. It’s imperative for the business to understand what CTA’s get the best results for a website. In fact, a call to action can also give your business a competitive edge.

Don’t miss out on your website benefits. Create your CTA right away.

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