Your website is an essential tool for your business or brand. A well-designed website can help professionals achieve a return on investment (ROI), create a loyal following, solve a need for your website visitors, and much more. Every element of your website is important, but your content is the key.

A recent article by Forbes suggests, “your content is the indisputable backbone of your website.” Web experts understand the nature of your content can determine your success. Are you regularly producing fresh content as part of your local SEO strategy? Discover how often you should update your website content below.

How Often Should I Update My Website Content?

1. Web Content-Type

If you have a particular type of website, it’s important to update your content almost daily including:
recent events

The above type of web content must stay current to retain your audience. Site visitors will be deterred from your website if they notice the same content or “old news.” In these areas of the website content, your competitors can easily provide fresh content and lure your audience away. Focus on the latest content, what’s trending, and what engages your audience the most when you’re updating your website content.

2. Are You Exclusively A Business Website?

For a business website, your webpage can start to appear outdated or inoperable to site visitors without fresh content. A business website should update its content a few times a week to stay current. Because you’re a business website, fresh content can also create loyalty and mean greater conversion rates.

Your website visitors look at you like professional and fresh content will help you maintain that image. Producing frequently fresh content may require the help of an expert or an individual with expertise in web content. Remember, chances are visitors are browsing your business website to see what’s new.

3. Other Website Content

There are other elements of your website that should be updated accordingly. For example, your website blog should be updated weekly, but you can also update your blog content a few times a week (2-4 times weekly). However, contact information and professional bios should be updated as they change.

More importantly, phone numbers, email addresses, or new locations should be updated right away. An old number can lead your visitors to seek out the competition.

Website visitors can detect and detest a lazy website owner. Outdated content for professionals can give your business a bad name. Fresh content can generate new leads or get loyal followers to recommend your site to others which equates to unexpected lead generation.

Ultimately, your website content is just as important as the design. You càn get help with fresh written content by hiring a ghostwriter or expert content writer.

Don’t run the risk of losing your audience because your website content is outdated. Developing a website is a process and your content will always be a continued part of that process.

Don’t lose your audience and get the attention your business or brand needs today by updating your content regularly.

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