What Can Be Learned From Humble Beginnings:

When ABQ Lawn Care contacted us, they had recently started their business but didn’t really have an online presence to speak of. The owner started setting up a website but soon realized just how much work it takes to build a fully optimized website, so they turned to us for some help. Phoenix SEO Geek ended up building them a fully optimized website that started ranking on the first page of Google within 2 months.

Through carefully dissecting his niche, we were able to figure out that pretty much no one in his niche was even using any advanced SEO strategies. So, we knew the competitors didn’t stand a chance. Below you will see how things panned out over the first 4 months…

Notable Developments For ABQ Lawn Care:

  • Designed a new website that’s optimized for conversions & Google rankings
  • The new website achieved an 8.15% conversion rate (industry standard is only 3%)
  • Generated $42,200 worth of leads within the first 4 months
  • Increased Leads From Zero To About 20 Per Month

Targeted Organic Traffic

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for ABQ Lawn Care was getting targeted traffic to their website which is actually quite common. By ranking their website at the top of Google search results for their main niche keywords, we were able to skyrocket their organic traffic which turned into a huge spike in leads and sales.

  • Increased Organic Search Traffic From Zero To By About 200 Visitors Per Month

Improving Local Rankings:

When ABQ Lawn Care came to us, their website wasn’t even fully set up yet. So, we built a fully optimized website that was specifically designed to rank in their local area for all of their major keywords. Once Google picked up the newly optimized website, the rankings jumped up drastically.

You can see that after just 2 months of applying our Local SEO Accelerator system, we were able to get their website ranked on the first page of Google for a majority of their main keywords.

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