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Harnessing The Power Of Social Media Marketing

Did you know that 79% of all internet users in the United States have Facebook accounts? That is nearly 4 out of 5 people! And over 56% of online adults use more than one social media platform. This means that a major portion of your potential customers is spending much of their spare time on various social media sites.

Considering your customers are already located on social media, it is simply a smart move to reach out to them where they are. If you can figure out which sites they are spending their time, then you can make a personal connection with them. A social media marketing campaign offers business owners the unique chance to build a relationship from the ground up with a portion of the population who may have never had the chance to experience what your business has to offer and how it may be of value to them.

Social media marketing strategies are not only a terrific tool when it comes to recruiting new business, it is also worth its weight in gold when it comes to developing new relationships and cementing existing relationships. Because the average person needs to experience an offer between 8 and 13 times before making the choice to buy, it is critical that your offer is seen over and over again. Social media marketing provides a terrific medium for this to happen in a legitimate fashion.

As good of a tool as social media marketing maybe, if you are not treating your potential customers as people, you will not be successful. It is tempting to cast a wide net full of form letters and emails, but people are genuine, and they are smart. Should they be under the impression that they are only being considered as a number, they will look the other way and never look back. This means that you will need a compelling offer that provides value to your audience and originates from a personal and caring position.

Phoenix Social Media
Phoenix Social Media

Why Is Social Media Marketing So Important?

You can find an enormous portion of the population on social media, with each demographic being represented. Because your prospective client base is already there, you will want to connect with them on their preferred social sites. You can rest assured that your competitors are already making headway on these platforms, maximizing social media’s ability to cultivate relationships and turn them into sales. It’s important to act fast because the longer you wait to interact with your audience, the longer it takes to be successful, and the harder it will be to attract business from the competition. Although your competitors may have gotten there first, you can attract their customers by presenting a better offer with more effective messaging.

Social media marketing services not only offer you a tailor-made group of prospective clientele, it affords you the opportunity to connect with them on a very real level. But the level of connection is up to you. It is one thing to send out a bunch of friend requests or sponsored ads (Phoenix PPC) and hope for responses, but it is another to have the content marketing that people actually want when they answer your call. The traffic you will be attracting should already have some level of familiarity with your company and know a little bit about you before they even land on your site. If you do not establish the relationships in good time, then you will find your chances of gaining new customers growing slimmer and slimmer. By building a social media strategy to get followers, you will gain a certain level of credibility in the form of social proof. With proper web design, you will create a conduit that leads to more sales.


How Does Social Media Marketing Work?

There are numerous and ready social media platforms that provide an abundant level of prospects for business owners. Each one of them has its own protocol and principles that must be followed in order to maximize its potential offerings. Some platforms are image-based, others video-based, and others even blog-based and rely on text over anything else. But each of these types of platforms follows a similar set of principles that encourage social interaction amongst its users. People are inherently social and enjoy sharing their lives with their family, friends, acquaintances, and at times, strangers. Social provides a playground of social interactions that encourage communication. As a business owner, you will need to connect with your audience of a very real and personal level.

Due to the fact that people would rather purchase from other people and companies that they have a relationship with, social media marketing provides a unique occasion for your clients to really get to know and understand you and what you offer. This ability to connect offers an emotional connection that should result in more new business – provided you have the right offer. If done correctly, you will not only gain new customers looking for your offer, but you will begin to attract your competitor’s existing customers.

Your ultimate goal in social media marketing should be the cultivation of quality relationships. Depending on your niche, this might mean incorporating a strategy that is not applicable to other niches. Because the basic principles of relationships are universal, much of the same tactics will apply. Communication, honesty, and respect are always important. When it comes to the technical aspect of operating within your niche, that is best left to experts like you.

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Phoenix Social Media

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– Jonathan Howie (Owner Of Montana Fire Pits)
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How Could Social Media Impact Your Business?

If your website is complete with a terrific offer and effective messaging, then driving traffic from social media marketing to your website will emphatically increase your sales. There is such a large volume of users enjoying what social media has to offer and they are highly valuable for businesses like yours. Although they are highly valuable – get ready for this – they are free! The traffic you generate from top social media sites show up because of you and not because of paid ads. This can be considered a version of organic traffic and is highly profitable.

If you incorporate your marketing thesis in an efficient and effective fashion to your social media marketing strategy, then you can start to earn some extra money. Hopefully, this side income can convert into primary income. Social media allows you to generate traffic that you otherwise would not have had. It provides you the chance to greatly improve your reach and the possibility of capturing a new small business prospect from a multitude of online sources.

Consider one of our clients, Montana Fire Pits. This video that we developed has produced over 85,000 views at the time of this writing. That is over 85,000 additional prospects that would have never known about Montana Fire Pits and what they are all about had we not created this video for them. Since we applied our Digital Activation Marketing System to the Montana Fire Pits business, additional media has generated a consistent stream of prospective customers that will lead to more sales over time.

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Social Media Strategy Is Vital For An Effective Marketing System

When you get your website properly set up to contain a compelling offer with targeted and effective messaging, you are getting closer to your goal. Add on the ability to convert visitors into customers and all that is left is driving targeted traffic to your site. Social media advertising is a great way to do just that. It offers a giant pool of prospective new customers who are highly targetable. You can maximize these sites and generate more traffic to your offer.

As time goes by, social media becomes a bridge between you and your audience. Any potential customers can see this, experience it, and become current customers. It is a critical piece of successful digital marketing strategies, but, in order for it to excel, it must be coupled with additional tools. You need to have a website that contains the right offer and the right messaging, complete with the ability to efficiently and tastefully follow up with these new visitors.

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