Lead Nurturing Systems To Enhance Marketing & Sales

Lead nurturing is a powerful process that is instituted to be a driver for the cultivation of relationships for potential consumers. When applied correctly, a lead nurturing system will be there during each aspect of the buying process. Customers prefer to pay for products or services from those they know, like, and trust. When you produce and build a continuing relationship with your customer base, you develop trust and encourage them to find you and get to know you. This leads to trust, credibility, and likeability and that will be more profitable for your business.

When you don’t provide prospective buyers the option to get to understand you and your company, it is going to be hard for them to want to pay for your products or services. It’s similar to purchasing from a stranger. If people know nothing about your company, what makes it exceptional, or how it benefits them, they have no reason to buy from your website. The companies that experience the most online accomplishment, are those that are enriching and bolstering those special relationships with their followers. It is highly uncommon to only spend one interaction with a possible customer and have that end up in a sale. The visitors of those successful companies actually experience their offers in various and numerous online destinations, from their Facebook feed to their inbox. Are you familiar with this tactic? Do you know why it is being used?

Why Is It Important To Lead Nurture?

Studies tell business owners – particularly those searching to obtain an effective online existence – that likely patrons must see your offer between 8 and 13 times before they choose to make a purchase. Keeping this in mind, it would be safe to deduce that not many web visitors make a purchase after seeing an offer for the very first time at one website. For instance, according to Episerver, 92% of buyers will make an opening visit to a company’s website for reasons other than to make a purchase. This means that only 8% of your visitors have shown up to explicitly spend money.

Because not too many visitors are at your website to initially buy a product or service, there must be some tactic in play that advocates for return visits – especially return visits that result in more sales. There are multiple tools successful companies use to make this happen. From email newsletters to retargeting ads, companies are reaching out to missed visitors. However, the gold standard remains a quality lead nurturing system.

Why is it that people visit websites with little to no intent on actually buying something? Because the internet offers an untold amount of information on each and every item. This gives consumers the ability to learn more and more about a product or service before they buy. Reviews, product descriptions, user experiences help us to make one purchase and not be stuck with a case of buyer’s remorse. A potential customer can simply type in a few keywords or brand names and spend hours traversing multiple sites, blogs, and social media platforms learning about what they want to buy. And, with the ability to do this research anywhere, there is little stopping them from spending as much time as they want to do it. This is a complex process that needs the right tools for the job if you hope to crack the code and have a buyer’s final stop be your website.

If you hope to make the most out of those that are coming to your website, you need to be a part of your prospective customers’ web experience. Once they have discovered your website and your offer, you need to be in front of them as they make their stops to the websites of the competition. This means that, when they do make that purchase, it will be your offer they are committing to.


What Does A Lead Nurture Mean?

Because potential buyers rarely commit to taking you up on your offer the first time they see it, it is important that you dig deeper into the “why behind the what” when thinking of, not only the buying process, but the buyer’s thought process as well. A lead nurturing system stops your visitors from missing out on what it is you are selling. It allows your audience to experience your offer over and over again, no matter whose site are blog they land on. One of the finest opportunities to connect with and retarget your audience is through email.

You cannot expect something for nothing these days. This is why people don’t just randomly fork over personal information like email addresses, but they will exchange them for something of value. Should someone stop at your site for the first time and find that they have the opportunity for a free PDF download or the chance to win a free month of service or a particular product, they will gladly share their email with you. Now you have the ability to follow up with them over time and are able to present updates, news, more giveaways, and more.

You can send emails to your visitors all throughout the buying cycle. This constant contact will help to increase your odds of your visitors becoming paying customers. If you are able to exchange something of worth for an email address, it will be far more likely for you to connect, create, and develop a productive relationship with them. You simply put your emails on a schedule and send ones that introduce your business and explain why you are the right choice for them. This will increase familiarity, build trust and maintain a positive relationship. By doing this, you are greatly increasing the odds of creating new customers.


“Great experience so far! Next level stuff!”

– Jonathan Howie (Owner Of Montana Fire Pits)

How Could A Lead Nurturing System Impact Your Business?

When employed correctly, we have seen lead nurturing systems that have increase overall conversions by as much as 11 times! This is made possible due to the fact that only 8% of your traffic is there to commit to an initial purchase. If you stay on tip of the additional 92% and are able to convert, you will see your sells increase in dramatic fashion.

If you are appealing to highly targeted traffic and bringing those visitors to your website, it is likely that you have committed time and money to make that possible. Because you are devoting funds to entice those visitors, it is good business that you maximize this new traffic. A nurturing lead system is key to the increased production of your marketing system.

By having visitors return to your site time and time again, you are building a relationship. This sense of familiarity will convert into sales. When you are able to convert more and more of that remaining 92%, your return on investment will progress and your strategy will become more profitable.

Lead Nurturing Is A Vital Piece Of An Effective Marketing System

Just owning a website that is there to attract visitors and even set up to make sales will not be sufficient to building a successful online presence. A vital component to making the most of your marketing thesis is through targeted follow up. It is crucial that you keep staying in front of your audience so they can see your offer again and again. This will turn into sales.

By utilizing a quality lead nurturing system, you will soon experience increase performance across the board. The 92% of missed opportunities will begin to convert and your sales will drastically increase. Converting only 1 to 2% of your traffic is not enough to be successful. An effective lead nurturing system will turn that 2% into 5 to 10% or even more!

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