It All Starts With Your Marketing Thesis

If you’ve heard the words “marketing thesis” and not known what it means, you are not the only one. You are also not alone in knowing how valuable it is for a successful online marketing strategy. A marketing thesis is essentially the basic marketing argument that you use in order to bring in new business. It consists of your core offer(s) and the message that you use to convey your marketing strategy. It is how you let your prospective buyers know that what you offer is better than what the competition offers.

More businesses fail than succeed. This failure is often due to their lack of strategy. Many businesses think that they can build a website, exist online, and expect to be successful. This is just not the case. With all of the options that are available online, it is imperative that your website contains a compelling offer, effective messaging, and a powerful marketing strategy that contains a quality marketing thesis. Without these components, your website is likely to fail.


How Online Marketing Has Changed

In the past, the aforementioned strategy was actually effective enough to keep a website in business. But those companies that haven’t been willing to adjust their strategy are also in existence less and less. With more and more competition popping up each day, stale offers and stale approaches are their downfalls. New companies coming into play are not even considering a basic strategy such as that. Because people have learned about the financial opportunities the internet can bring, more and more businesses are making themselves known each and every day. The ones that are willing to operate with a smart marketing system are the ones that have a chance to stay in the game.

Even a small business like a local handyman service is finding themselves competing with the likes of Home Advisor and Angie’s List. Both of these businesses are sure to operate with a marketing budget greater than most handyman’s yearly gross revenue! This does not mean that all is lost because it certainly isn’t. An effective marketing strategy gives you the opportunity to compete with these behemoths of industry.

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Everyone that operates a website wants to be successful. This is a wonderful sentiment and, with the right marketing system that incorporates a compelling offer and quality message, anyone can tap into this success.

Why Is Your Marketing Thesis So Important?

You are unable to set up shop online and yell to the crowd, “Here I am. Buy from me!” It just does not work that way. There are far too many websites and for too many competitors for that to be a worthwhile strategy. Curious about how many competitors that may be? There are over two billion websites in existence today, with tens of thousands showing up daily. It is crowded, but there is room enough for everyone. If you’re hoping to be one of the successful ones, there are certain guidelines you will need to follow.

In order to be successful, you have to develop your messaging is such a way that it piques interest on an emotional and intellectual level. Your target audience is smart and has seen all the “click-bait” the internet has to offer. You will need to rise above that and be able to articulate exactly who you are, what you stand for, and how your offer is more beneficial than the next.

Just telling whoever will listen that your offer is great, special, and wonderful is not enough to expect customers to start buying what you are selling. The secret to this success is an effective marketing thesis. Your marketing these needs to overcome any and all objections, be emotionally tempting, and intellectually satisfying. If you are able to concoct the magic formula with all of these ingredients, then you will have much more of a chance to make sales and be successful.


What Can An Effective Marketing Thesis Do For Your Business?

Your marketing thesis is the foundation of which your entire online marketing strategy is built. If you have cracks in this foundation, the whole website will come tumbling down. It is critical that you properly explain what exactly it is you are offering and how it rises above all other offers. If you want to be successful, you have to adhere to this valuable advice. Online marketing can be a profitable, yet difficult road to travel if you hope to achieve the success you have set out to get. If you do everything right though, you could enjoy a prosperous online existence for many years to come.

Recently, we had a client that put up their own website, generated some traffic, and was able to actually make some sales on a regular basis. Unfortunately, like so many other companies that get off to a decent online start, they were not able to maintain that minimal success let alone improve upon it. They reached out to us and we were able to use our digital activation audit to find what was needed and created a new marketing thesis. The results were staggering. Take a look at what happened when we applied this new and far more effective marketing thesis to their online system!

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– Jonathan Howie (Owner Of Montana Fire Pits)

Could Your Marketing Thesis Be Holding You Back?

The short answer is a resounding “YES!” If you are not utilizing an effective marketing thesis, you are undoubtedly finding yourself at a loss for new business. Consider this: when people find you online, it is often by “accident.” They are not likely searching you out in particular but searching for an offer like yours. This initial search has led the visitor to your site and given you an opportunity to present your offer. Are you making the most of this chance?

If you have the tools necessary to convert this visit into a sale, you will. It might be that they landed on your social media page or even on the page of a fan. With the proper protocol in place, they can be directed to your site and converted into new business. If you have a compelling offer, you might seal the deal with no more effort. But if you are not prepared with a good offer or decent messaging, then you will lose this chance and a competitor will likely be prepared for this potential buyer.

With over two billion websites residing in cyberspace, it’s a foregone conclusion that there are competitors in your niche that have a gripping marketing thesis. If you hope to contend, the smart action to take is to produce an offer that is greater than the competition. If you can achieve this, then you can stand out and actually bring in new business to your company and away from the competition.


How Your Marketing Thesis Ties Everything Together

For you to enjoy online marketing success, you need to possess a compelling marketing thesis that brings it all together. There is a cold, hard fact. Without an effective marketing thesis, it is nearly impossible to get any part of your online marketing to work.

If your users experience one message on your website yet see something completely different on your social media platforms, they will be at a loss. Therefore it is vital that your marketing thesis is conveyed unswervingly across all of your marketing channels. This can even mean offline marketing strategies. Should you present your offer another way in print than you have it presented online, you will have problems. The more consumers that see you offer, the more comfortable they will become.

Your marketing thesis should be applied across your social media accounts, email campaigns, paid ads, and any and all other forms of marketing, online or off. By keeping your message steady, you will categorically increase your chances of reaching your goals. There is a reason why this is the first component of our Digital Activation Marketing System!

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