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Why Measure Marketing Performance?

The internet is a giant place with a reach that encompasses the entire world. It can even seem like a scary place to operate if you don’t have any idea about how well you may be doing. Because the first phase of any problem-solving agenda is awareness, it is critical that you figure out how to track your performance. Because there is no way of simply glancing at a website to determine its success, you will need some technical assistance. You must incorporate some form of tracking software to determine the results of your Phoenix Local SEO strategy.

A common mistake for those starting out with a new website and is to not correctly track their marketing results. Although you may think what you have set up is sufficient, odds are it is not even close to what you need. Let’s say you were lucky enough to find the right tracking tool, do you even know how to use it? Unless you have a technical background, trying to understand what analytical software is trying to tell is a challenge.

If you hope to run a successful online campaign, then you must be able to decipher where people are finding you, how long they are on your website, and if those visitors are actually becoming customers. When you do not have this basic information, you will not know whether or not marketing is doing well – or doing not so well. You will also not know where the cracks in your plan are and, in turn, not know how to fill them.

online marketing proof

Why Is It So Important To Track Your Marketing Results?

Awareness is the cornerstone of any marketing thesis. Otherwise, you are just stumbling around in the dark. If you hope to meet – or even exceed – your marketing expectations, you have to be aware of where you stand in your current endeavors. Once you have this figured out, then you can establish which direction you need to go and what steps you need to do to get you there. Once you start to put your new plan into play, you will need to monitor your improved marketing strategy and course-correct when needed.

Particular sayings apply well to online business, especially to marketing. Even old ones. Stop me if you’ve heard this one. “I know half of my marketing is working. I just don’t know which half.” While we wait for you to stop laughing, we will tell you that this, unfortunately, is a true statement. You know you’re doing okay if you are getting some results. You just don’t know what is working or what is hurting your efforts. The good news is that the internet has the answer. By utilizing the correct software, you will be able to analyze your traffic and determine where it is coming from. Once you’ve gained this insight, you can adjust accordingly. Perhaps you will need to add extra effort in some areas or a little less effort in others. Maybe you’ll need to go in an entirely different direction. It’s different for everyone but no one knows until they find out where they stand.


How Do You Measure Marketing Performance?

You know it is important to track your results, yet you do not know how to do it. Who can be of assistance? You got it. Google is there to provide the guidance you need. Google Analytics is a free software tool that offers you’re the chance to track just about anything that happens on your website. With all of this data at your fingertips, you know can see any issues you may be experiencing, figure out the path you need to take to correct them, and fine-tune areas that need small improvements. A bunch of small improvements can translate into big money. All of this is great but, should you discover that your website is lacking in terms of its offer and its messaging, all of this knowledge will not matter. Analytics software shows you how well you are converting. If you are getting visitors but not getting customers, it’s time to take a close look at what it is your selling and make any necessary adjustments.

If you find that you are spending $50 in marketing and it is resulting in $500 worth of sales, then it is easy to understand that your offer is working. If you are in this position, then all you need to do is discover ways to generate more traffic to your website. If you have no idea how well your offer is converting, then you do not know where to focus your attention and, not only run the risk of wasting marketing money but not capitalizing on business that is right in front of you.


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How Could Tracking Marketing Results Impact Your Business?

If several aspects of your marketing system are working to perfection but one is not, then the whole thing is not working. You are only as strong as the sum of your parts, not any of the parts by themselves. It only takes one wrong move for the entire system to come crashing down, resulting in busted dreams and a busted wallet. However, if you are paying close attention to your marketing process, then you can step in and make changes before things get out of control.

Once you’ve established exactly where your system is lacking, then you can start to make the necessary changes to correct it. If you can do this in real time, then you will bring a consistent and uninterrupted flow of new business to your website. By staying on top of the tracking process, you will soon see that, although one aspect of your system may be working well one month, it may not be working well the next month. Just finding an issue and fixing will only solve your problem right then and there. A proper online marketing strategy contains ebbs and flows that must be monitored and acted upon.

Tracking Your Marketing Results Is A Vital Piece Of An Effective Marketing System

Without the knowledge needed to understand which pieces of your marketing puzzle are working and which are not, you will be at a loss and find yourself at the end of the line when hoping to move forward with your customer growth, your sales growth, and your search engine rankings. It is critical that you always know what is working and if, when, and where you need to make the necessary adjustments. Your marketing system will only work correctly when each part of it is working harmoniously with the next.

Once your strategy is paying dividends and your marketing system is operating to its fullest capacity, will you be able to appreciate how effective it truly can be. It’s easy to overestimate how well we are doing when we don’t know. We are all optimists when it comes to business’s finances. Tracking results are the true measure of success and will be the determiner of whether or not you need to make a change.

Once you know how each component is working, then you can understand the system as a whole. With his new information, you can discover where your new customers are originating from and shift funds to those areas and take them away from the ineffective areas. By tracking your results, you can be more efficient in your time, energy, and costs, while maximizing your results.

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