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For a business to be successful in our current digital age, it is crucial that you have a marketing strategy that includes SEO, Social Media, proper web design, to just name a few. You can go back to school and learn how to do all of this yourself or you can hand the reigns over to a company that specializes in making businesses just like yours profitable by utilizing all of these tactics. Many companies say they can help – and you may have tried them, experienced little to no results, and then given up on the entire concept. We are pleased you have discovered us and proud to tell you that we do things differently. Stand-alone web services, such as Web Design and SEO are just a small part of what you actually require in order to be successful online.

Why You Need The Top Phoenix SEO Services

The way business started on the internet was to slap up a website with a simple marketing message that you could do yourself and expect to generate sales. The funny thing is that this actually worked for a time and gave rise to a certain mindset that “anybody” can be successful in running an online business. Unfortunately for those people, the internet has grown into an ever-evolving, living and breathing entity that requires an in-depth knowledge of its inner workings and the capability to course-correct and make necessary changes in real time. With tens of thousands of competitors appearing online each day, the market has matured and competition is thriving.

To operate a successful online business, you have to stand out as special and unique. You need to present an offer that is better than the competition, otherwise, people are going to seek out your competition. Once that happens, it is unlikely they will ever return to you.

On the other hand, actually formulating effective messaging and being in possession of an attractive offer is not guaranteed to bring you sales either. A successful online venture still needs targeted traffic, lead nurturing systems, and a full-fledged plan that includes many additional tactics. Only by operating with a strategic marketing vision, will you see a positive return on your online marketing investment.


What Makes Our Marketing System So Unique?

Hi, I’m Travis Wilkie, owner of Phoenix SEO Geek, and I began my first business in 2010. By utilizing the outdated methods of door-to-door sales, I fast figured out that this was not a great way to generate new business. It was uninvited, stale, and time consuming. So I set out to develop a different method of generating sales and by combining my business, marketing, and unique door-to-door sales background, I began to create a new marketing system that could bring in new customers without having to impose on all of those that did not want to receive a phone call – and, believe me, that’s almost everyone!

After spending years creating, developing, testing, and implementing various marketing systems with the assistance of my incredibly talented team, we’ve created an entirely new marketing system that stands alone. It’s known as the Digital Activation Marketing System and it’s been proven to drive revenue from 5 or 6 figures to 7 figures in less than a year!

Travis was very patient and understanding of my scenario which was very important because I’m sure I was one of his most challenging clients!!

Shawn Moulding

Travis provided top-notch and timely SEO guidance. I will continue using Phoenix SEO Geek. I highly recommend them!

Carlos Gonzalez

Marketing System Components

A comprehensive marketing system is comprised of specific pieces that are all designed to work together as one unit in order to produce sales. Our Digital Activation Marketing System is built around the following core components:

#1 – It All Starts With Your Marketing Thesis

The foundation of any quality marketing strategy is a message that is better and more attractive than the competition can offer. The internet is a crowded space and getting more crowded by the day. If you hope to rise above those vying for your customers, your goal is to the company that people look for when logging on. The secret to this success is your marketing thesis. A marketing thesis is simply the core message where all of your online marketing begins.

Because it is the first step of your success, your core messaging is where the Digital Activation Marketing System begins. Once you’ve created an irresistible offer and message, you now have a stronger chance of driving traffic to your offer and then converting it into actual sales.

Marketing Thesis
marketing strategy

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#2 – Effective Website Design

By now, you’ve most likely figured out that just tossing a new website online isn’t going to bring you a ton of new business. In reality, there are several key factors a website must possess to be considered profitable. Your website must produce traffic, convert traffic into leads or clients, be accessible on a mobile device, and more.

For a marketing system to be truly effective and equate to more interest, customers, and sales, it must incorporate all of the correct elements. One weak link in the chain can spell disaster to your website. Your site must make clear what is you are offering and how it is special. Then, and only then, will people begin to buy what you are selling.

Website Design

#3 – Search Engine Optimization (Phoenix SEO)

To run an effective online campaign, you must have traffic. If people aren’t aware of what it is you are offering, then you will not generate any new customers. Hands down, the best traffic you can hope to generate is organic traffic. This just means that people are literally looking for what it is that you are selling. All you need to do is to put the proper messaging in their path and you can expect a solid percentage of them to become paying customers.

Since organic search traffic is considered so valuable, the process of getting it has become ultra-competitive. Over 55% of all search traffic visits the first 3 listings of search results with only 1% of traffic actually clicking through to the second page of the Google rankings. This means that there are thousands upon thousands of websites in every niche working to rank in the top 10 spots of the Google search rankings. You must have a stellar Phoenix SEO strategy if you hope to stand a chance and share this traffic with your competitors.

Search Engine Optimization
Phoenix SEO
lead nurturing

#4 – Lead Nurturing Systems

Again, there is more to the story of running a successful online marketing campaign. Experiencing a stream of organic search traffic and having an offer that will convert is only the beginning of the process. Research shows that it takes a person 8 to 13 times of seeing your offer before they actually make a purchase. On top of that figure, if someone discovers your site, experiences your offer, and leaves without buying, then the chances of them returning to make a purchase are slim to none.

If you hope to capitalize on your conversions and get the most from your visitors, you need to employ a lead nurturing system that consistently exposes your offer in front of your visitors. After a user leaves your website, you will want to ensure they are seeing your ads on other platforms, such as Facebook, Google, etc. This will encourage them to return to your website and complete their purchase. This will maximize the impact of your offer and ensure that you are maximizing the traffic that visits.

Lead Nurturing

#5 – Paid Ads

Although search traffic is what drives much of the internet, it is not something that can be switched on and off. With paid ads, however, you have the capability to generate traffic on demand. If business is slow, you can enhance your ads spending and create more customers. On the other hand, if you are finding yourself with as many customers as you can handle at the moment, you can wind down your spending and attract fewer customers.

This offers you the ability to be in control of your traffic as you see fit. Once you’ve generated some profitable ads, it is only a matter of boosting or limiting your monthly ad spending.

Paid Ads
Phoenix PPC
Social Media

#6 – Social Media

People aren’t always on the lookout on search engines for what you might be offering. They are also looking for companies to partner with on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and more. If you are hoping to make the most of your online sales, then you are going to have to become a player within the social media platforms where your target audience spends time.

As noted above, when potential customers experience your offer multiple times, the odds increase that they will become an actual customer. It is simply playing the odds. The more people that see your offer, the more people will click on it. If you have an appropriately engineered offer, then these visitors will convert into customers.


Social Media Marketing

#7 – Video Marketing

Research is showing that within the next two to three years, over 90% of online content will be in video format. This should come as no surprise, considering it is by far the most engaging form of media available. It’s crucial to take advantage of the power that video contains when it comes to engaging and connecting with your audience.

Not only does video create a connection with your visitors, it is also highly searchable and can be indexed by search engines with results popping up on Google, YouTube, and more. This means that you are extending your reach with a form of content that is most likely to draw in and connect with your target user. Your offer was never more effective!

Video Marketing
video marketing
tracking results

#8 – Tracking Your Results

It’s been said over and over again that awareness is the first step to overcoming any obstacle. So, if you’ve made the steps to put all of the above marketing tactics into play, how do you know if they are being successful? You have to track your results! As crazy as it sounds, a large percentage of business owners do not track their online marketing results. This means that they do not know what is working, what isn’t, and where to make adjustments. We do things a bit differently at Phoenix SEO Geek. Every decision we make is based on information that we have gathered. We do not operate in the dark and do not operate on hunches. All of our success is predicated on actual information that can be tracked and catalogued.

After you’ve distinguished what is working and where areas of opportunity may be, then you can make impactful adjustments. Your marketing analytics is what tells us how many customers you are generating so you can be aware of your actual return on investment. You will not be successful by throwing money away. Our goal is to make you a 10x business and, in order for us to do that, we need to know where we started and what is going right or wrong. By tracking your marketing results, we can keep a finger on the pulse of your business, a hand on the wheel, and know which direction to turn.


Tracking Results


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