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Is Your Website Not Getting The Results You Desire?

Here’s Why:

Regarding Map listings, Google states “Local results are shown when people search for businesses and places Near Their location. For example, you’ll probably see local results if you search for ‘Your City Roofer’. Google will try to show you businesses nearby that you might like to visit.” This means that your business is only showing up in The Map rankings (if it is showing up in the 3 -pack) for a relatively small part of the city in the vicinity of your business. This severely limits your business’s visibility in greater metropolitan areas and is allowing the internet marketing of your competitors to get a large share of the calls from your prospects that are generated daily from Phoenix SEO  marketing in the area.

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Phoenix SEO Geek Can Expand Your Visibility With Their Omni Maps Protocol

Our Omni Maps Protocol® (which includes our 203 step process developed from our experience working as Maps SEO experts since 2005) provides “local place authority®” to your company which reliably and consistently allows you to show up for a broader section of the greater metropolitan area in which you provide services to your prospects.

In other words: The most common reason why your business isn’t showing up in the Map rankings is that your business lacks “local place authority®”. If your Phoenix SEO lacks “local place authority®,” you will have to be in close proximity or standing directly at your physical location to appear in the Map rankings.”

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Travis Wilkie

How Do We Get Such Great Results?

Hi, I’m Travis Wilkie, owner of Phoenix SEO Geek, and I started my first business in 2010. By utilizing the outdated methods of door-to-door sales, I fast figured out that this was not a great way to generate marketing for a new business. It was uninvited, stale, and time-consuming. So I set out to develop a different marketing method to generate sales. By combining my business, marketing, and unique door-to-door sales background, I began to create a new and effective marketing system that could bring in a steady stream of enthusiastic customers without having to impose on all of those that did not want to receive a phone call – and, believe me, that’s almost everyone!

After spending years creating, developing, testing, and implementing various internet marketing systems with the assistance of my incredibly talented Phoenix SEO agency, we’ve created an entirely new marketing system that stands alone. It’s known as the Omni Maps Protocol and it’s been proven to drive revenue from 5 or 6 figures to 7 figures in less than a year!

This is why it is important that you apply The Omni Maps Protocol to your company…


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Ranking In The Search Engines Provides:

• The highest ROI of all internet marketing channels

• The first three organic results on Google get over 50% of clicks

• Build your brand equity by being on top and being found

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Get your Search Engine Optimization back on track!

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The Four Pillars Of Online Success

1. Show up in Google Maps

2. Show up in Google Organic Search Results

3. Measure Business Results

4. Continue Turning More Clicks into Calls

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Pillar #1 – Show Up In Google Maps

Rankings In Maps Provide:

1. A high percentage of clicks happen here

2. We optimize your profile with images, keywords, and consistency across other internet marketing platforms

3. Map SEO rankings require ongoing backlink efforts to rank and maintain position

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Pillar #2 – Show Up In Google Organic Search Results


1. On-site SEO services

• Putting your most valuable keywords in the most important places on your website

2. Off-site SEO services

• Relevant and powerful backlinks from other websites

Pillar #3 – Track & Measure Search Performance

• Weekly SEO ranking reports

• Monthly traffic reports

• Business results tracked

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Pillar #4 – Turn Clicks Into Calls

How We Do It:

1. We apply our AMP solutions to your project.
• This enhances the mobile experience of your site
• We rebuild your main website pages using this Google proprietary technology
• Your website is uploaded to Google’s servers

2. Rewards for Maps and Your Website
• Lightening fast load time
• Better ranking results
• Turn more clicks into calls


To Sum It Up:

Appearing in the 3-Pack in your greater metropolitan area is the first step to attracting attention to your brand and encouraging people to call your business. Work to create a superior SEO 3 pack presence in Phoenix, and look sharp and relevant with plenty of trust and authority, or suffer defeat at the hands of perceptive Phoenix company owners who compete with you and are already heavily leveraging these factors.

Our Omni Maps Protocol provides “local place authority” to your Phoenix company which reliably and consistently allows your company to show up for a broad section of the greater metropolitan area in which you provide service


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