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In the age of technology, having a strong online presence is a must for any successful business. As a business owner in Glendale, AZ you are more than likely aware that marketing is a huge factor driving your business forward and generating new clients. In your research, you have more than likely come across terms such as SEO (search engine optimization) and digital activation audit, but how do you utilize this information to benefit your business? With the high-speed level of advancement we see in technology today, it seems like you need a degree in technology and marketing just to touch the surface of the possibilities out there. Sounds great, but how do you manage that while also making sure your business is running smoothly?

It’s common sense that for your business to flourish you need your products and/or services to beat out those of your competition, or at least offer something they can’t. Creating a website and social media is a step, but how do you get people to view it? What steps can you take to generate a traffic flow and consistently bring in new clientele and revenue? To show the world what you have to offer, you need a comprehensive SEO strategy to get the internet traffic you need to drive new sales. Sounds great, and you know you need some new tools to take advantage of the full potential the internet has to offer, but this is easier said than done, and where do you even start? That is where we step in.

phoenix web design
Phoenix website design

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Third-party companies make it more accessible than ever for business owners to maximize their online presence without the costly expense of hiring a full-time marketing team. At Glendale SEO, we set ourselves apart from other companies you may come across by developing a new and unique online marketing system that goes above and beyond SEO. Using our Digital Activation Marketing System, we create a marketing plan designed to effectively and efficiently generate sales using specific components. Tools like marketing thesis development and social media are just some of the things we use to lift your business to all new heights. Our driven and experienced team is here to help you build your business up and provide you with years of experience without you have to take time away from the operations and day-to-day tasks that still need to happen.

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You don’t have to take our word for it though, our results speak for themselves. Thousands of business owners just like yourself have come to us for help, and they weren’t disappointed. You will work with one of the best SEO companies in the industry today, with access to an array of online marketing strategies developed to transform your company in as little as a matter of months. Within one year, you could potentially see up to a 10x raise in profits. Our client reviews are consistently 5 stars, and we take what we do very seriously; we are here to help you get the word out, and bring in high-quality sales at faster rates than you could have dreamed.

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Glendale, Arizona

Located in Maricopa County, Glendale Arizona is approximately nine miles northwest of downtown Phoenix. Glendale actually has beets to thank for the origination of the city. No, not the headphones, Glendale was actually built by the commercial concentration of the Beet Sugar Factory in 1906. While the factory was only in operation until 1913, it increased the number of settlers coming to the area, and today Glendale boasts a population of approximately 250,000, not bad for its humble beginnings!

If you’re a sports fan you can check out the University of Phoenix stadium, which is unlike any other stadium in North America. This stadium has a retractable roof, but even more amazing then that is its retractable field, which allows the field to be completely flat, as there is no need to plan for runoff from rains. This stadium is also home to the NFL football team the Arizona Cardinals and is where they host their Annual Fiesta Bowl.

Not a big sports fan? Not to worry, Glendale also boasts such attractions as a historic district, a doll and toy museum, and numerous outdoor and indoor shopping centers. Beat the heat at a water park, or cool off in your favorite restaurant. Glendale, Arizona won’t disappoint!

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