Why Use Phoenix PPC

You know are the proud owner of a Phoenix website that is properly set up with compelling messaging that is converting into sales. Congratulations! Now it is time to explore ways to turn that traffic into revenue and there is no better tool for the job then Phoenix PPC ads. Paying for traffic from platforms such as Facebook and Adwords offer you the capability to be highly particular regarding the type of traffic you are hoping to attract with your great offer. You can now reach the precise Phoenix user base you want while being able to overlook those that are unlikely to become a part of your client base.

This precise targeting not only helps you reach the Phoenix prospects that you are looking for, but it also provides insightful data that you are able to use in other areas of your overall marketing strategy. It is common practice to employ pay per click advertising in order to test out a new offer before deciding whether or not it should be a mainstay in your marketing strategy moving forward. When you take advantage of ppc ads to create targeted traffic, you are giving yourself the chance to connect with a larger percentage of your potential Phoenix customers over time.

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The Benefits Of Pay Per Click Advertising

There are countless reasons to work with Pheonix ppc ads, but the most unmistakable benefit is its ability to be scalable. Bearing in mind you are spending money with hopes of generating traffic, it is helpful to understand that such traffic can be increased or decreased by how much money you are investing. By merely altering your budget, you can be in control of how much traffic you are creating. If you find yourself in a slow phase and are looking to produce more business, all that is needed is to enhance your budget and more traffic will come. Whether or not this traffic converts to sales is reliant on you and if you are working with a properly set up website.

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In order to get the most out of your pay per click ads, you will want to ensure that you have created a unique offer that is effective and compelling in its messaging. If you find that your offer is not making headway with your targeted users, then you will not be successful in scope. Once you have generated a quality message, it is only a matter of learning which platform your Phoenix prospects are visiting. Facebook and Google are the two platforms that, far and away, stand out among the crowd. This is not to say that other avenues should not be explored because they should. It is just a smart move to ensure that you have maximized what you can get from these guys. Oftentimes, businesses only target these two platforms because it offers such substantial results!


Harnessing The Power Of Facebook PPC in Phoenix

Of the nearly 8 billion people who call Earth home, over 3.5 billion of them spend much of their time on Facebook. You read that correctly: nearly half of the entire population on Earth has a Facebook account. With this massive user base come massive amounts of data on each individual user. This date can be gathered by anyone who is employing Facebook PPC and then used to create, target, and display PPC ads to all the users across the vast platform.

With so many users and so much data collected for each one of them, it is no wonder that Facebook is one of the top advertising platforms in existence. Facebook PPC offers its users the unique ability to target a particular audience. It offers categories such as age, sex, interests, and more to ensure that your offer is presented to the exact audience you want to see it. If you’ve done your part by creating a solid and compelling offer and message, you can expect to generate more sales when it is presented to the right audience.

The ability to target a Phoenix audience by these specific parameters helps you to attract new business that would otherwise know nothing about your company. When you make contact with potential customers where they are spending their free time, as opposed to sitting back and expecting them to come to you, you are expanding your effectiveness to bolster your conversion percentage and, in turn, boost your sales.


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Google PPC

Increase Sales With Google Ads

There is nothing better than to be able to present your offer to those that are looking for it. Google allows Phoenix business owners this capability through its PPC platform. Think about this: if you experience a flat tire and find yourself stranded on the side of the road, posting your dilemma on Facebook will probably not end up with a tow truck finding you. However, should you pull out your phone and search for a tow truck on the search engine, you are most likely going to find what you are looking for right away.

This minimal example is meant to show you that Google is the go-to destination when people are in the market for answers, products, or services. By utilizing Google PPC, you are ensuring that your offer is presented to the right people at precisely the right moment. By generating an effective offer and presenting it to those that are actively searching it out, it is possible to create new business with little time and effort. All that is needed for this to happen is to pay for the traffic!

This also gives you the option to turn your search traffic off and on. For instance, should you find yourself involved in an abnormally busy month and you just cannot take on any new customers, then all you need to do is push pause on your PPC campaign and new users will have a much harder time finding you. Next month, should you be ready for busier, you just need to turn the ads back on. You can even increase or decrease your budget in order to increase or decrease your customers! Once you’ve got a handle on this process, you will understand how to control your sales.

Adwords can also help you to retarget missed customers who have visited your site but failed to make a purchase. These Phoenix customers can now experience your ads in different locations during their time spent online. Google owns a display network that literally allows you to follow these missed customers around and keep your offer in front of them. This encourages them to return without you having to do any work like calling or emailing!

Google PPC

Creating Multiple Touch Points With PPC Retargeting Ads

Traditionally for someone to finally decide to make a purchase, they will have had to experience an offer between 8 and 13 times. Because of this factor, most people who show up on your website will not buy anything the first time. They will have to come back and see your offer over and over before they choose to spend any money. The best way to encourage them to keep coming back and seeing your offer is through retargeting ads.

Retargeting PPC ads allows you the chance to bring potential customers back to your site after they visit. Both Google and Facebook provide retargeting options on their ads platforms. By making the most of these tools you can ensure that people see your offer more and this will likely increase your sales.

It is just not enough to set up a retargeting ad and make your Phoenix audience buy from you. You have to present a compelling offer and appropriate messaging in order to get sales. With the right approach, you generate a PPC retargeting ad campaign that can conceivably increase your conversion percentage by 5 to 10 times!

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