In a time of increasing advances in technology, the establishment of business personas online has been eminent. In the past, only large companies have been able to afford and create websites to showcase their businesses, but today’s increasing access to the internet and the increasing use of computers and smartphones have paved the way for small businesses to do the same with the hopes of earning more. This raises the question of whether having business websites actually increases business and if it does, is it worth it?

The Information Age

In order to understand the answers, one must first understand how much the internet has changed over the years. Back in the year 2000, only those who were able to afford telephone and cable connections with expensive personal computers are able to access the internet. This makes the internet an exclusive good for those who can afford the hardware. However, in recent years, anyone with a smartphone may gain access to the internet without the expensive setups which were required before. This has helped increase the number of people who are actively interacting with the internet and its features. Thus, the information age was born. It is now possible to gather and share information in a more convenient manner because of the increased improvements in technology. Laptops and smartphones which are portable can now be used to connect wirelessly to the internet, giving way to more interactions online. Naturally, this changed many things in society, including the way some businesses operate.

True Worth of the Internet

With the rise of the internet, people are now able to communicate on a wider scale than before, making it a lot easier to share and obtain information. A large portion of the world’s population is now on the grid, able to pass on information from one person to the other. This increases the chances of increasing the revenues for a business. The true worth of the internet lies in the fact that a common habit has been born among people who have tried using a computer once or twice: searching online. If they need something, they would only need to type up keywords and the answers would pop out. If a business fills this need, then the customers would be more likely to go and avail of that business’ product or service. This ease of access to the internet allows people to interact more with information and allows businesses to create more revenue streams than their current market base.


While it’s almost a given that businesses increase their revenues by creating websites, is it worth it? In the past, it may not be. However, the current changes in the use of the internet and the expected changes to come would make it well more than worth it. People’s habits are basically merged with the internet now. This means that having a website actually matters because it allows the customers to have increased interaction with their customers. How they use the website depends on them, but it is inherently useful to establish a website, in whatever business there may be.