For patrons of the arts, the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona is a must-see. It is a fairly new museum, opening its doors in April of 2010. However, despite its recent roots, it is the largest museum of its type on the planet! The Musical Instrument Museum houses over 8,000 musical instruments and associated objects that span over nearly 200 countries and territories, in an effort to represent every inhabited continent and their musical heritage. 

The museum offers a wide variety of tours, starting with an orientation tour, included with general admission and free for members. This tour gives you a good overview of the museum. They also a variety of group tours, including adult group tours, field trips and youth group tours. These tours offer an overview of the world’s music and bring attention to each geographical area’s unique culture and musical background. They also participate in a creative aging class, where music is used as therapy for older generations experiencing memory loss. Want an additional thrill? The Musical Instrument Museum has also partnered with Hot Air Expeditions; enjoy a hot air balloon ride in the first part of your day followed by a tour of the museum after! 

The Musical Instrument Museum started as a concept, a vision its founder Bob Ulrich had to create a global musical instrument museum. At the time Mr. Ulrich was CEO of the Target Corporation, but he wanted to contribute more to his society and was inspired to create an attraction that focused on the guest’s experience. Their goal has always been to provide a musical experience that enriches, inspires and intrigues their patrons. 

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