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Google has become a major player in online search, and there are many ways to optimize your website to maximize your rankings in the search engines. Contact us to learn more about phoenix seo services

A lot of people think that SEO is about a) having lots of backlinks pointing at your site and b) spending big bucks on ads to get your page ranking higher.

According to Google, around 30% of people still use search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing to find products or services on the Web.

If you want to rank higher in Google than your competitors, it all comes down to your website design.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your website is if no one can find it! That’s why Google’s search algorithm takes into consideration how easy it is to rank your website on the front page.

There are dozens of search engines in today’s marketplace, but the most popular is still Google. Google has become synonymous with a word search. You can’t do SEO or ranking without Google, so let’s start by talking about how to rank your website on Google.

Your content needs to be written so it not only ranks well for the keywords that your ideal customer would type into Google but also so it ranks for any related terms. Don’t forget about phrases in your title and summary that might help your post be found by a wider audience. For example, if you’re selling a product called “The Ultimate Guide to SEO,” the title could be changed to “How to Make Your Website Rank Higher in Google” and your summary could be altered to read “Learn how to make your website rank higher in Google with this detailed guide.”

You may not have heard the term, but in SEO (search engine optimization) circles, a “keyword” is an important word or phrase that represents the topic of a page or a webpage. If your page or webpage is about cats, for example, then “cats” is your keyword. So, a list of products for sale in your “cat supplies” section, for example, could be organized around the keyword “cat”—making it easier for people to find and purchase that stuff.

In conclusion, A good website should rank high on Google, which means it needs to have a unique, user-friendly layout and great content that is optimized for search engines. This is what you need to do to optimize your site for a higher ranking in Google. So, what’s your strategy? Are you ranking #1 for keywords you want to rank for? Or are you waiting for a position where the competition is lower? You can start building your ranking today, so check out this video course on How to Rank Your Website in Google. Contact Phoenix SEO Geek today!