There are more than three billion smartphone users around the world. In fact, for many Americans, a mobile device is their primary resource for online access from home. For others worldwide, it’s their primary source for information, news, and entertainment.

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Today, many businesses understand the importance of being visible on a mobile device. It’s important for businesses to create a streamline experience that includes mobile phone users. A mobile-friendly website can improve your business rank, improve the customer experience (CX), and lend credibility to your website. Is your website mobile friendly? Discover how to find out if your website is compatible with a mobile device by reading more details below.

1. Google Test

According to Forbes, “a simple 30-second Google online test is available to check the performance of your website,” Simply place the URL in the available spacebar and within a few seconds, Google will determine if your website is mobile-friendly. The Google mobile-friendly test analyzes several areas of your website. The test is located through a Google website and a more distinctive test is located under the Google Webmaster Tools section.

2. Self-Testing

Self-testing allows you to conveniently test your website by manually pulling it up on a mobile device. The goal is to ensure your website uploads within three seconds and is fully operational. Your mobile website should not be cut off or take a considerable amount of time to load.

You can also get others to test your website in the mobile browser of their phone to test the friendliness of your site across multiple devices. Self-testing is free and can save businesses time and money. Self-testing is based on the mobile device and not the browser size or type.

3. Paid Mobile Website Testing

There are also several paid sites available to test if your mobile website is friendly. Each website will offer different fees and unique testing features. Research the mobile website testing site thoroughly to determine if they’re the right fit for your business needs.

Do I Really Need To Test The Mobile Friendliness Of My Website?

Having a mobile-friendly website can have a huge impact on the success of your business. More importantly, the mobile-friendliness of your website can also determine your Google rank. A customer is more likely to choose a competitor of your website is not mobile-friendly. The following are popular features to check for to determine the friendliness of your mobile website:

It’s important to ensure your mobile website is mobile-friendly across multiple devices. Many people use their mobile devices to research or make purchases and a website that’s not compatible with a mobile phone can cause you to lose your audience. In fact, a poor website on a mobile device can decrease your conversion rates. A mobile-friendly website makes your site visitors happy and can improve your return on investment (ROI) and maximize the bottom-line for your business.

Avoid losing customers that are ready to convert by testing the friendliness of your website.

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