Some of the best times of our lives are spent with our families at home, watching a great movie with an awesome meal to accompany it, like burgers, pizza, popcorn, sodas, and beer. It used to be that when you wanted to go out to see a movie, you’d have to haul everyone to a restaurant near the mall theatre and make sure to hurry through the meal so as not to be late for the flick. In 2020, AMC has combined the best things about both into one, extraordinary experience for the whole family to enjoy. Contact us to learn more about seo company

Phoenix’s Popular Movie Theater

The AMC Dine-In-Esplanade-14 is one of Phoenix’s top-rated movie theaters with a restaurant and bar built right into the theatre. AMC Artisan Films brings a curated selection of the finest movies to your local AMC where everyone can enjoy them. You can make a date for dinner and a show and sample the local brewery beer, wine, or a mixed cocktail before or during the show from MacGuffins Bar. The perfect way to take in a movie has been finally realized by AMC and brought to the Phoenix area for an amazing theatre experience that anyone can enjoy.

Featuring top-selling box office hits in IMAX, RealD, 3-D, and more all with superior Dolby sound, AMC Dine-In offers memberships plans, Discount Tuesdays, and gift cards for the avid moviegoer. With its high tech digital film quality, oversized reclining theatre seats, and the clean, brand new surroundings, you will be treated to a luxury night of entertainment every time. Now you can finally combine your two favorite things, dinner, and a movie, and enjoy it all in one place!

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