Why Online Customer Reviews Are the Ultimate Salesperson for eCommerce 

Almost half of all prospective customers read online reviews, and more than 90% are influenced by positive feedback. This means that online customer reviews are the ultimate salesperson for eCommerce, increasing conversion rates by six percent or more. Research has shown that customers tend to trust peers more than they do business owners or salespeople. Research shows that 63% of customers are more likely to buy from a website with user reviews. 

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Negative product reviews 

Negative product reviews have many benefits. They enhance the authenticity of positive reviews by making shoppers more likely to believe them. Additionally, negative reviews can prevent returners. Studies have shown that a product with a single negative review is less likely to be returned than a similar product with a few positive reviews. A recent study from Light Speed Research revealed that a product with one negative review was less likely to be returned. 

While negative product reviews can hurt your eCommerce business, they can also help you build trust with your customers. Many consumers trust reviews more than a brand and will avoid a bad experience if a review says it is unsatisfactory. Additionally, a negative review can help you educate buyers. Therefore, you should take care to address the concerns of unhappy customers. This will ensure that your customers are satisfied with your product and will come back to buy it again. 

Optimizing product descriptions for SEO 

If you’re a small business owner, you probably know that online customer reviews can be one of the best ways to increase sales. In addition to the many benefits of having an online presence, the reviews can also serve as SEO assets. The process for generating SEO benefits from user-generated content requires crawling and checking for duplicate content. By utilizing customer reviews as the ultimate salesperson for your eCommerce business, you can increase traffic and boost conversions while reducing costs and time. 

Reviews are the #1 source of relevant, high-converting data. They are also a powerful source of social proof. When used effectively, reviews can be included in nearly any channel. Social media posts, email campaigns, content, and even email campaigns can all benefit from customer reviews. So, why not use them? Let’s look at a few ways to use these powerful assets. And don’t forget to incorporate them into your next marketing campaign! 

Asking customers to leave a testimonial 

While asking customers to leave a testimonial may seem like an invasive tactic, it’s also a great way to gain customer loyalty. Whether they buy a single item or a large package, customers are more likely to give positive feedback if they feel their experience was satisfactory. If you want to get more testimonials, consider using a CRM system to track customer engagement. Using this system, you can send notifications to your customers about their engagement with your business. However, remember to avoid contacting them too often – only engage with real customers. Also, filter out the ones that aren’t positive and forward those to customer service. 

You can send out a testimonial request email to your customers after they purchase your product. You can send it to them within a week of their purchase or sign-up. If you have a seasonal product, it may take a little longer to see results. Another method is to include the testimonial request in an automated post-purchase email drip. This method is also highly effective in increasing the number of testimonials. 

Using customer reviews in marketing videos 

If you’re using customer reviews as a part of your marketing video strategy, consider SMS-based requests. You can send a message directly to the customer’s cell phone, where they can record a review. Use clear, simple language to direct them through the process. You should aim to use as much high-quality footage as possible. When possible, send a message during a period that corresponds to the number of transactions a customer makes in a month. 

Customer reviews are a powerful way to increase brand engagement. It’s a proven fact that 93 percent of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase. Incorporate testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers into your marketing videos to stand out from the competition. Adding social proof from your audience will increase your sales exponentially. People like to see that others trust your product and that other people have a positive experience.