Why Does My Ecommerce Site Have a Low Google Index? 

There are a few reasons why your eCommerce site might be having a hard time with Google. One of the reasons is that Google isn’t able to access all of the code on your website. The good news is that your users can still access all the pages that aren’t indexed. However, Google likes to make sure that your site is up-to-date. 

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Duplicate content 

Duplicate content is a common problem on eCommerce sites, especially those with multiple categories and product pages with similar attributes. This kind of content is deemed duplicate by search engines because it is not unique. You can avoid this problem by writing unique descriptions for each product page. Although this process can be time-consuming, it will prevent your pages from appearing the same to search engine bots. 

Another common cause of duplicate content on eCommerce websites is the presence of variations on product pages. This creates unnecessary competition. It also dilutes the ranking signals on a page. This is why you should make your product pages canonical and avoid creating multiple variant URLs for the same product. 

Page speed 

Page speed is a key ranking factor for Google. A slow page can result in a large drop in organic search results. This is why it is essential to improve page speed. It can also improve the bounce rate. You should use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to make sure that your page is loading as quickly as possible. 

Page speed affects many aspects of a business, from user experience to online sales. A slow website can frustrate users and result in lower revenue. Studies show that 14% of online users will move on to another website if it takes longer to load a page. 


If you’re wondering why your eCommerce site has a low Google index, there are several possible causes. First, you need to make sure that all of your product pages are unique. This will improve your site’s usability and crawlability, and it will help search engines find your site. In addition, it will decrease your bounce rate. 

Having easy and well-structured navigation 

Easy and well-structured navigation is one of the most important factors for any website, whether it is an eCommerce site or a traditional website. The reason is that it helps search engines understand the purpose of a particular page on your website. It also helps customers find what they are looking for. Therefore, you must follow SEO best practices to ensure that your website will rank well on Google. 

Good navigation puts the most important content in the front and center of your site and provides an easy path to other parts. A well-structured site is also easier for search engines to crawl and produce better search results.