Which Ecommerce Plan on PayPal for Wix Should I Select? 

Wix offers many features that you can integrate into your website to help you increase your sales. You can add a widget for customer reviews or a contact form to your site, and you can even calculate shipping costs at checkout. You don’t even need to manage inventory, as Wix can source products from a variety of suppliers and fulfill orders for you. 

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Business Unlimited 

With Business Unlimited on PayPal for Wix, you can accept payments from your customers using PayPal without a credit card. Moreover, this e-commerce platform allows you to build detailed profiles of your customers and automate your targeting. It also offers ongoing A/B testing, so you can improve the performance of your website. 

There are several other benefits of Business Unlimited on PayPal for Wix. For example, you can create different shipping rates for different regions. You can also configure rules for shipping and store pickup. Besides, you can set different payment methods on the checkout page. Additionally, the rates are competitive. However, you may have to wait for payouts to be processed. 

Business VIP 

If you have Wix eCommerce, the Business VIP eCommerce payment gateway can be a great way to accept payments from your customers. You can easily set up the payout cycle for your site and choose the frequency at which funds are deposited. Wix Payments will automatically send payouts daily, but you can also choose to have your payouts sent out on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Wix also offers a paid Enterprise plan, which starts at $500 per month. This plan includes a dedicated account manager and ad-free sites. Wix’s pricing is comparable to other website builders. Moreover, you can choose to add an ad-free or custom domain to your site. 

Business Plan 

For small businesses who need a web store but don’t want to spend the time and money on custom development, the Wix Business Basic plan is a good choice. This plan comes with many great features, including mobile optimization and automatic store taxes. This plan starts at $23 per month, and it also provides features that can help businesses grow. 

There are three plans for businesses to choose from: Basic, Advanced, and Unlimited. Basic plans include an unlimited amount of bandwidth and storage space. Unlimited plan users can upload as many as ten GB of media materials. Unlimited plan subscribers also get professional logo and social media logo files. 

Business Plan Plus 

A business subscription to Wix Business Plan Plus gives you a variety of extra features, including a custom domain, more storage space for photos and videos, VIP support, and more. It also allows you to accept payments online without a commission. This plan is recommended for eCommerce websites. You can also receive a free Wix Logo Maker with the plan. 

To accept payments, you must first create a business store with Wix. Then, you need to sign up for Wix Payments. It will allow you to set up payments using Wix’s free payment plan. Once you’ve verified your account, you’ll be able to accept payments using the paid, premium, and unlimited plans.