Where to Look For an E-commerce Intern? 

If you own or manage a retail company and are in need of work experience and useful training, you should consider hiring an e-commerce intern. They can free up a lot of your time while offering valuable work experience and good references. Whether you want to look for an intern locally or remotely, there are several websites such as CareerJet, Monster, Internmatch, and Indeed that offer a wide selection of potential candidates for your project. 

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Managing social media is one of the most important tasks for any eCommerce website. Keeping up with what your customers are looking for and responding to their queries in real time is a must, as this helps build trust and customer loyalty. An intern can help with this, by setting up a live chat or a Twitter account and getting notified as soon as a customer question arises. 

Updating stock and products is another vital task for an eCommerce website, as online shoppers expect to know what they’re buying before they place their order. An intern can help with this, by preparing and uploading product photos to your site.