Where is DHL eCommerce Distribution Center? 

To keep up with the burgeoning B2C market, DHL eCommerce Solutions is expanding its U.S. distribution center network by 70 percent over the next five years. The $300 million investment includes more automation, including loop sorters, to process more volume faster. Two new DCs in Chicago and Cincinnati will have 26 line sorters each, as will 19 other locations. According to Lee Spratt, CEO of DHL eCommerce Solutions for the Americas region, this expansion will result in a more efficient way to process shipments. 

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191 Blair Road, Avenel, NJ 07001 

DHL eCommerce is a worldwide logistics company that has three fulfillment centers in the U.S., including a location in Avenel, NJ. These facilities integrate with shipping capabilities for fast, seamless delivery of your products. This distribution center can be found at 191 Blair Road in Avenel. Founded in 2000, DHL eCommerce is a trusted name in the shipping industry and has over 90 years of experience. 

The company opened a new DHL eCommerce distribution center in Avenel, NJ in 2019. The facility is home to new technologies in sorting and scanning to expedite the delivery of eCommerce products. With these new technologies, DHL can process 40,000 shipments per hour, 60% faster than a non-automated facility. To ensure that each package arrives safely and quickly, the distribution center is equipped with a video camera, high-speed Internet, and secure vaults. 

Location of DHL eCommerce distribution center 

The DHL eCommerce division of the Deutsche Post DHL Group has opened a new fulfillment center in New Jersey. This new facility is 200,000 square feet and incorporates several scanning and sorting technologies to improve efficiency. Its distribution centers can process over 40,000 packages per hour, or 60% more than a conventional, non-automated facility. This makes them the perfect choice for companies looking to ship products to multiple countries. 

The company has already opened a distribution center in Tullamarine, Australia, which is co-located with a DHL Global Forwarding facility. DHL eCommerce CEO Charles Brewer commented that the expansion is a response to two trends in global trade – the growing popularity of e-commerce and the growing role of logistics networks in shaping trade. With the growing popularity of the e-commerce industry in China, a new logistics center is essential for the company’s success. 

Loop sorters used to reduce labor costs 

DHL eCommerce Solutions has added two loop sorters to its automated warehouse in Newark, New Jersey, to reduce labor costs. The machines can process 50,000 pieces per hour and save up to 30% of labor costs at a typical DC. The facility will not offer fulfillment services, but it will help speed up the process by pre-sorting small parcels and inducting them into a nearby USPS facility for last-mile delivery. 

The company also partnered with Atlanta-based robotics company Dorabot to implement two DoraSorter robotic systems at DHL’s Atlanta distribution center. Both systems have a high sortation capacity and a near-zero error rate. The Atlanta-based company invested more than $100 million in robotic technology to improve its sortation throughput. Despite the high initial investment, the systems are now being implemented throughout the distribution center. 

Shipping options offered by DHL eCommerce 

There are a few advantages to working with a DHL eCommerce distribution center. The company works with high-volume shippers who have shipped more than a hundred packages daily in the past three months. However, you should understand that DHL eCommerce is not suited for one-time shipments or rush shipments. You should review their terms and conditions carefully before signing up for a service. 

If you’re an online business, choosing DHL eCommerce is the right decision. These companies specialize in eCommerce shipping and have extensive experience in this area. Their experienced staff can help you select the best shipping methods and maximize your sales. DHL eCommerce can also integrate with over a dozen eCommerce IT systems, providing you with the best possible shipping solution for your online store. For your convenience, the company will also organize your label information and provide you with milestone tracking.