When Did Online Marketing Start? 

If you are interested in finding out when online marketing started, you are not alone. Many small businesses have struggled to find a niche online, but thanks to the advancements in data recording and storage technology, the possibilities are endless. With the introduction of Web 2.0 sites, social media platforms, and Search engines, online businesses are now able to reach a much larger audience and build stronger customer relationships than ever before. Listed below are some of the most important dates in the history of online marketing.

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Data recording and storage technology 

The rise of social media and digital activity spurred new developments in data recording and storage technology. This allowed online consumer activity to be recorded and analyzed, giving marketers valuable insight into their customers’ preferences and interests. The growth of social media also gave companies access to even more personal information, increasing the importance of big data. By analyzing this information, companies could better understand human behavior and use this information to create more effective and accurate marketing campaigns and predictive analytics. 

Search engines 

In the early 90s, the internet was just a means of searching for information. There was no social networking, email, or sharing of information. The internet became widely used in the early 90s, and businesses began using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to boost their search engine rankings. The advent of search engines was a big milestone for digital marketing in the 90s, and the industry continued to grow and evolve for the next decade. 

Web 2.0 sites 

Web 2.0 sites are social networking websites. They use standardized protocols to allow site content to be reused in another context. These technologies include RSS, Atom, and RDF, which are all XML-based formats. Observers often refer to these technologies as web feeds. These specialized protocols are a way to expand the functionality of existing sites, and they allow users to interact with one another without a centralized site. 


CRM began in the 1980s, but its growth accelerated during the past few years. Those early contact management tools were expensive and offered little functionality. As the Internet became more common, the technology improved, and the first commercial CRMs came to market. Today, we know what eCRM is: cloud-based contact management systems with online processes and support. As these technologies grow, their benefits continue to expand. If you’re interested in using eCRM, here’s a primer. 

Content marketing 

Some historians believe that content marketing began in the late 1800s when Benjamin Franklin wrote and published a magazine called Poor Richard’s Almanack. The magazine was run by hand until 1758, and at its peak, sold 10,000 copies a year. It quickly became one of the most popular pamphlets in the Thirteen Colonies. In the 1990s, content marketing began to gain prominence, as websites began to take over the Internet. 

Social media platforms 

When online marketing started, social media became a necessary tool for companies to reach potential customers. However, to benefit from these platforms, companies must pay for advertising. To build a social following, brands share content. This way, they can increase their audience organically, without directly spending money on advertising. A few tips and tricks for social media marketing can help you get the most out of these tools. Here are three ways to make use of social media to promote your business.