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When most people think of search engine optimization, they often think of the basics like keywords and HTML tags. However, there is a lot more to on-page SEO than meets the eye. Contact us to learn more about phoenix local seo

It involves optimizing your website to improve its position in search engine results pages (SERPs). This includes both technical SEO and content SEO. 

On-page factors include site accessibility, optimized content, links and anchor text, page speed, and more. They all play an important role in where you show up on SERPs for certain queries. 

The main goal of on-page SEO is to make your website easy to read and navigate for humans, while also allowing search engines to understand it and rank it accordingly. On-page SEO is a key part of any successful SEO strategy, and it can be used for many different types of websites including blogs, e-commerce, and websites for businesses. 

How do I optimize my website for on-page SEO?

On-page SEO is the practice of maximizing the online visibility of a web page through strategies that focus on its content and source code. These techniques include creating quality content, adding keywords, and improving page speed. 

Keywords are one of the most important elements of on-page SEO, as they help search engines understand the content on your page and determine how relevant it is to a user’s query. Using a variety of keywords throughout your page’s content will help you achieve better rankings and increased traffic for your website. 

Headings are another important element of on-page SEO, as they are one of the most visible and prominent parts of a page’s layout. They’re used to identify the main sections of your page, and ideally, you should have at least two h2>s on each page that contain the keywords you’re targeting. 

Internal linking is another essential on-page SEO strategy, as it can help your page stand out from the crowd. Internal linking helps visitors find other useful information on your site, and it also helps search engines crawl your site more effectively. 

Keeping your page’s content fresh and updated is another important aspect of on-page SEO, as it gives search engines an indication of how new and current your content is. Taking the time to regularly update your site’s content will allow it to be indexed more easily, which will result in better ranking results.