What Are Ecommerce Sites? 

Ecommerce sites are websites that sell various products and services from different brands. Some of them even sell services, such as shipping, and have a chat feature for their customers. The shopping experience can be made better by using features like reviews, cash on delivery, and return policies. These features help customers to purchase the products and services they need without having to go to a physical store. 

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eCommerce sites sell multiple products from a variety of brands 

Multi-brand eCommerce sites like Best Buy and Macy’s sell multiple products from many different brands. Niche websites, on the other hand, are built around a single product or service. They include affiliate links to other businesses that may sell the same product or service and pay the affiliates a commission when someone purchases through those links. Examples of niche websites are Etsy and Newegg. Jet is another popular eCommerce platform for niches. 

They should be responsive 

It is essential for an eCommerce site to be responsive in order to cater to the needs of a wide range of users. Regardless of the size of the device, users should be able to browse through the website without any difficulty. This way, they will have the same experience on their desktop computers as they would on a mobile device. 

This type of design is also superior in terms of SEO because it serves the same content across devices. This means that there is no need to create special URLs for mobile devices or to use site redirections. Instead, all the pages on your site will be served from the same file system, URL, and database. However, implementing responsive design requires a talented development team. Fortunately, there are eCommerce-specific responsive templates available to take care of most of the hard work. 

They should have a chat feature 

If you want to keep your customers happy, consider adding a live chat feature to your eCommerce site. This is a great way to communicate with customers and address any questions or concerns they may have. Most people spend most of their time on the internet browsing and multitasking, and a chat feature allows them to do so while they work. It also reduces the amount of shopping cart abandonment, which is a common problem for eCommerce sites. 

Moreover, the chat feature helps create more fun and casual environment. It allows customers to share emojis, gifs, and pictures, making the conversation lively and more enjoyable. It also helps increase your sales because chat is available to almost anyone. However, it is important to remember that while chat can help you engage with your customers, it can also be abused by spammers who only want to get your attention.