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What was the Penguin update about? This article will go over three topics that impacted websites. They are: Links from low-quality sources, Keyword-rich anchor text, and Page-specific backlinks. Despite what many believe, these updates did not negatively impact the majority of websites. In addition to that, they gave those affected by the previous updates a chance to recover. So, what did Google do? Read on to learn more.

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Links from low-quality sources

A link from a spammy website can be penalized with the Penguin update. Penguin’s purpose is to punish sites that acquire links from low-quality sources. This type of link is typically a result of link-selling or high-volume acquisition. However, Google doesn’t have any problem with a high volume of links as long as they are from high-quality sites. Those types of links may not be worth the penalty, but they’ll hurt your rankings in the long term.

The recent Penguin update has had far-reaching effects for the SEO world. It has made link building more difficult. Many websites now use high-quality content to boost voluntary linking. Many also use social media to boost their websites’ range. Unfortunately, there’s still a way to generate low-quality links: purchasing links from link farms. Although this will lower your website’s ranking, it’s not impossible to recover if you revamp your link profile.

Keyword-rich anchor text

You should use keywords in your anchor text. Keyword-rich anchor text improves your website’s visibility and searchability. Keyword-rich anchor text can be found in many places, and using them in your website can be beneficial to both you and the search engines. Here are some ways to do this:

Internal linking: Adding links to your website from other pages is a good way to boost SEO. However, it is important to avoid link text that is exact match. While exact match anchor text is still useful, you should aim to include a mixture of keyword-rich and non-keyword links. Including a sprinkling of keywords is still useful, even after Penguin, as it helps you get noticed by search engines.

Page-specific backlinks

The Google Penguin update was designed to discourage the use of manipulative link building techniques (also known as black hat) to manipulate search results. These techniques take advantage of limitations in search algorithms to boost a website or page’s ranking without serving the interests of searchers. Google rewards sites with high-quality content and a natural backlink profile. It is unclear how Penguin will affect page-specific backlinks, but there are many signs to look for.

The first symptom of a Penguin penalty is a sharp decline in traffic. This drop can be attributed to a few different factors, including bad or irrelevant backlinks. Google will not notify you of a Penguin penalty until it has affected your site. However, you can monitor the impact of the update using your analytics. If your site is experiencing a drop in rankings, it’s time to do some additional investigation.

Extension of Google’s reach

A recent complaint by the Electronic Frontier Foundation filed with the Federal Trade Commission accuses Google of data mining schoolchildren’s personal information through Chromebooks, Google Apps for Education, and Workspace for Education. A study by the University of Boras found that schoolchildren have multiple products and need help choosing between them. The researchers also highlighted Google’s privacy policies. But does this extend to all educational institutions? Perhaps not, if it’s a case of the “extension of Google’s reach.”