What Should My SEO Company Guarantee Me? 

The most important thing to look for in an SEO agency is that they have a clear understanding of what they are doing. A good SEO firm will always be open about the strategy they are employing and what their plan is for your website. 

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Whether they are talking about keyword selection, keyword targeting, or other facets of their work, a good SEO agency will be transparent and answer your questions clearly. If they are not, then they might be up to something illegal or even fraudulent. 

You should also be wary of SEO companies who promise to get you rankings without any work on your part. The reason for this is that rankings are constantly changing. The algorithm used by Google is not a fixed system, and it’s impossible to predict where you will end up in the rankings once your site has been optimized. 

A good SEO company will be able to point out any problems on your site that might be causing Google to index it incorrectly or not find it. They will also identify the areas that need to be corrected and help you make those changes. 

They should also be able to show you the results they are getting from their strategies. This is an excellent indicator of how effective the tactics they are using are and what kind of traffic they are generating for you. 

Many disreputable agencies use Blackhat SEO techniques to trick Google into thinking they have achieved better rankings than they really have. Often, this will result in your site being penalized, which can be costly and time-consuming to recover from. 

The best SEO companies will be able to provide you with recommendations that will improve your search engine ranking and drive more qualified traffic to your website. These recommendations will typically involve auditing your competition’s website, adding content, and implementing other techniques to increase the overall authority of your site. 

Lastly, they should be able to provide you with regular reports on the progress of your SEO campaign. This is important to ensure that you are not losing any time or money. 

This type of reporting is essential for measuring the success of your SEO campaign and identifying any problems that need to be addressed. It will also help you to set goals and determine how much time is needed to reach those goals. 

If an SEO agency is making promises that they are not able to deliver, then this is an issue you need to address with them right away. They should never say that they cannot deliver results or that the SEO services they provide will not be worth the investment. 

Another warning sign is if the agency claims that they will work for free if they don’t achieve their guarantees. This is a dangerous promise to make, as it can lead to a loss of trust and confidence in the relationship.