“First impressions last.” This quote has been said too many times that no one even knows who said it first. Nevertheless, this is quite true. Much related to the quote, a business’s first post on its Facebook page would form its first impressions with its viewers. Some may argue that first posts do not bear that much weight because these are seen when there are only a few followers for a page, but the impression given to the first followers would determine whether they would recommend the business and the page to other people. Call Phoenix SEO Geek to get your first impression optimized today! This is why it has to be informative, creative, and it should illustrate the value the company could provide for its customers. Contact us to learn more about seo service

Components of a Good First Post

Company logos embody the message being portrayed by the company to its customers. A good way to create a good impression is to put the company’s logo and compose a caption with a story revolving around the logo. Since the logo is the embodiment of the company, it should be related to the company’s product, how it was first produced, and what societal needs the owner intends to satisfy. An anecdote of how the owner came up with the product and the logo would be good because, in terms of publicity, people respond to brands with strong and impressionable founding stories.

If the story behind the logo is not highly related to the product or products, then a well-versed introduction of the company and the products or services it offers could be a good first Facebook post. The tone here is not anecdotal, but informative. A warm, yet more factual approach should be taken. In this case, the company could compose a series of facts regarding the value of the product to let the people know about its benefits. It could also be an infographic introducing the various utilities of the product, and how it relates to the target market. This way, in the absence of a good story, the consumers would instead have an impression of the product itself, and how they could use this in their daily lives. If the first approach takes advantage of impact, this approach takes advantage of needs. People respond to both quite well.

How to Create a Good Impression

The tone for the first post should be friendly, warm, and upbeat in order to appeal to its first followers. A sense of interaction should be initiated with the consumers in order to create a good impression. Apart from the creation of the first Facebook post, as an addition, the company should also interact with its audience well, and take their feedback into consideration. This way, they would be able to create a customer base that perceives them as a good entity.


The company’s first Facebook post is an important part of the Facebook page management because it would be the defining characteristic of their page. The appearance of the following posts may be the basis of creating the succeeding ones. Therefore, it should be planned well, with good layouts and a warm tone in order to appeal to the much-desired customer base.

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