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There are two types of anchor text, branded and natural. National brands use branded anchor text as much as 16 percent of their website name, while local brands use 15.7% branded anchor text and 13.5% naked URLs. Natural and partial keywords make up 1.90% of the total. National brands are also far ahead of their local competitors in terms of the number of backlinks they receive. Here’s a breakdown of how they use these anchor texts.

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In the world of SEO, anchor text is one of the most important factors that will determine your site’s search engine rankings. The relevance of anchor text is determined by the content of the link. Anchor text that is specific to the page it’s linked to gives users a positive experience. For example, if your page is about dog collars, but your anchor text says “dog biscuits,” then users won’t get much out of your site. Anchor text also matters to search engines because they view it in a specific way. Google’s algorithm looks at hyperlink text in a specific way and uses it to better understand the topic of the linked-to page. Relevant anchor text will increase your page’s search engine ranking for related keywords.


The context of anchor text is essential to your SEO strategy. Google’s algorithm is designed to read the text in hyperlinks to better understand the content and topic of the linked page. By using the right context, your anchor text can have the greatest impact on your page’s search engine ranking. In 2009, Google might only use one anchor text to provide contextual information on a page. But now, the Google algorithm may use as many as five.

User experience

An effective anchor text sets a clear expectation for readers. In the case of SEO, anchor text that states “dog collars and biscuits” leads to an unpleasant user experience. The same goes for search engines. Google treats hyperlink text in a particular way, and similar anchor text can improve the page’s ranking for related keywords. However, it is not clear how much the algorithm weighs the user experience. Here are some tips for optimizing anchor text.


You may have heard of the term “link popularity,” but what is the role of anchor text in SEO? Anchor text is a way to link to your website. The best way to make your anchor text effective is to use it naturally in your content. Try to make sure it makes sense and is not thrown into your content just to appear in a link. Using stop words in your anchor text is acceptable, but they should not change the meaning of your keyword.


While exact-match anchor text can be effective, the use of these anchor texts is now frowned upon by Google. While keyword density used to be a major determinant of search engine ranking, the BERT update improved Google’s understanding of web pages. Now, it is important to make sure your anchor text fits naturally within a sentence. If you’re planning to use this technique, you must take these factors into consideration before creating your link text.