What Questions Do I Ask My SEO Company? 

If you’re looking for an SEO company to help you boost your rankings on search engines, you need to make sure you’re choosing the right one. Luckily, there are plenty of questions you can ask that will help you find the best fit for your business and budget. 

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What are your goals for SEO?

A good SEO agency should be able to answer this question and share its strategy with you. This will help you know how they plan to approach your site and what they expect from you as their client. It will also allow you to gauge their level of expertise and see if they have a clear vision of what your business needs from an SEO perspective. 

What metrics will you measure success by?

A great SEO agency will be able to discuss its goals with you and how it’ll use data to determine the effectiveness of its work. These may include traffic, website engagement, and conversion rates. It’s important to understand that these numbers aren’t an exact science, but they should be a solid baseline. 

How long will it take before I start to see results?

The speed at which your website will improve depends on a lot of factors, including how competitive your market is. You can only improve your ranking by focusing on high-quality content, creating unique, relevant content that engages readers, and adding inbound links from other authoritative sites. 

This can take time, so you shouldn’t be concerned if your SEO company promises to improve your rankings quickly. However, be wary of any company that claims to increase your rankings instantly – it’s likely that they’re using outdated techniques that will only hurt your website in the future. 

Does your SEO company have a process for conducting a mobile audit?

As Google moves to a mobile-first index, ensuring that your site is optimized for mobile users should be an integral part of any SEO campaign. Your SEO company should be able to explain why this is an important consideration for you and how it can lead to better organic search traffic. 

Does your SEO company have recurring clients?

If an agency has a lot of repeat clients, it’s a good sign that they are doing things right. If their clients are constantly leaving, however, it’s a sign that they’re not implementing the right strategies for your business and could potentially cause you to lose money in the long run. 

Does your SEO company keep you updated on its campaigns?

In most cases, the best SEO agencies are proactive about keeping their clients updated on what’s going on in the world of search engine optimization. Whether it’s via social media, email, or newsletters, they should be sharing updates on their latest projects and strategies to help you make informed decisions about your SEO. 

Does your SEO company keep you up to date on algorithm changes?

There are always new algorithms coming out from the big players in the search engine world, and it’s important that your SEO provider is up to speed with them. A competent company should be able to tell you what’s happening with the Google Algorithm and be prepared to change its tactics when it happens so that your SEO strategy continues to work for you.