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If you’re interested in online marketing, a digital marketing course can help you get started. It will teach you everything from finding your market to designing and branding your business. You’ll also learn about content marketing, paid marketing, social media, and copyright. You’ll learn about how to optimize your website, create YouTube videos, and make the most of Facebook groups and pages. You’ll even learn about retargeting with Facebook ads. Contact us to learn more about phoenix seo experts

The free online digital marketing course 

If you’re interested in becoming a successful digital marketer, you might consider taking a free online digital marketing course. These courses typically take six to ten hours to complete and have video tutorials that teach you the basics of digital marketing. The course will give you information on generating leads, using social media, and using marketing platforms. However, they’re not for beginners, and it’s important to know your qualifications before you begin. 

One of the most popular free online digital marketing courses is the EMarketing Institute. This program has over 1,50,000 students and boasts a certification program. You can learn about website design, e-commerce, and other aspects of digital marketing. Once you’re done, you can include the certification in your resume and LinkedIn profile. This course is especially useful if you’re a small business owner or an online entrepreneur. 


There are a variety of factors that influence the cost of digital marketing. The type of agency and the unique selling points of the agency’s team can have a big impact on the cost. Hiring an agency that has experience and trust is recommended to obtain tangible results. It can also offer greater assurance to the decision-making team within your company. 

Hiring a digital marketing agency can save you a great deal of time. These agencies usually have standardized processes and can expedite certain digital marketing strategies. Some strategies, such as SEO, require a longer timeline, while others are quicker to implement. However, you will pay a higher cost for expedited services. Depending on your needs, full-service digital marketing agencies may charge a flat fee or hourly. 

The cost of digital marketing can be as high or low as your budget allows. The cost of hiring an agency can range anywhere from five to twenty thousand dollars. The level of expertise and quality of the project will determine the price of your digital marketing campaign. Some agencies will even charge retainer fees. 


Digital marketing is a broad category of marketing tactics and technologies, combining content, images, and videos to boost brand awareness and generate traffic. The format allows for a lot of creativity and can evoke strong emotions. These ads appear on multiple channels and can be of any size, from a few lines of text to a full-screen video.