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Retargeting is a marketing strategy that uses pixel (or cookie) tracking to show ads to website visitors. It’s a PPC advertising method that can be used on Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn, and other platforms to target individuals who have visited specific pages of your website. Contact us to learn more about phoenix seo

Retargeting helps you connect with previous website visitors and increase your conversion rates by promoting products and services that are relevant to them. It’s also a great way to get your brand in the minds of prospects when they are considering purchasing something, which can help you grow your customer base and make more sales. 

Getting Started With Retargeting.

The first step in starting a retargeting campaign is to enable cookies on your website. These small files are stored on user devices and allow you to track user behavior and analyze traffic. They also determine whether users have completed a goal like filling out a form or checking out a shopping cart. 

When cookies are enabled, retargeting campaigns will run on the browsers of visitors who have not yet reached your conversion goals. This is particularly useful for eCommerce stores that need to reengage abandoned carts to drive more sales. 

Creating Unique Retargeting Audiences.

One of the best ways to create retargeting audiences is to upload your email list into your CRM. This will allow you to create custom audience groups on Google and Facebook that match the email addresses in your CRM with retargeting targets. In addition, you can use your CRM to segment your lists into buyer personas. 

Retargeting is a type of search marketing, where you target potential customers based on terms, keywords, or phrases they have searched for. You can use this feature in Google Ads or other PPC platforms to display tailored ads that prompt users with terms and offers related to their search intent. 

You can also use retargeting in search campaigns to reach people who have searched for particular keywords or phrases that are relevant to your business. For example, if you’re an online shoe store, you can target those who have previously searched for “best sneakers buy.” 

Search retargeting is a good option for brands with a highly-specific product line or service. You can use this retargeting tool to promote a new product or service, or even to advertise a sale on an existing item. 

Partner Retargeting.

Another great way to target retargeting is by working with other companies that have their own retargeting pixels. For example, a clothes store might want to work with an airline company or hotel to share their retargeting pixels and offer complementary products. 

The key to retargeting is to make sure that you are targeting the right person with the correct message and product at the perfect time. You don’t want to annoy or overwhelm your potential customers with too many advertisements. 

You can also avoid showing retargeting ads to customers who have already converted by adding a line of code to your website’s post-conversion page that prevents them from seeing your ads again. This will save you money and help you retain your existing customers.