What is RankBrain and Why Does it Matter? 

What is RankBrain? It’s the machine-learning system that helps Google sort through search results. As it learns from users’ interactions with search results, it learns to better understand ambiguous queries. This system is the third most important ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. You can learn more about RankBrain by reading this article. Here are three of its benefits: 

RankBrain is a machine-learning system 

RankBrain is a machine-learn system that tries to understand the intent of search queries and use mathematical guesses to filter search results. Google was not perfect back then, so RankBrain uses a combination of visuals and AI to match a query to a relevant web document. It then passes the documents through the search phase, presenting the retrieved document in the visible SERP. 

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It helps Google sort out search results 

RankBrain, a new algorithm developed by Google, matches search terms with relevant web pages. The system matches terms that Google has never seen before to pages that contain similar results. It also matches concepts, such as “games,” with relevant countries and capitals. It can also match queries as specific as “duck hunting” and “nintendo 3DS.” 

It learns from users’ interactions with search results 

RankBrain works by monitoring what people are doing online and connecting that data to popular searches. The program measures click-through rates, dwell times, bounce rates, and pogo sticking to identify search results that aren’t meeting users’ expectations. It makes adjustments to its algorithm when necessary. This cycle of offline learning is extremely valuable to Google search. Google is still trying to figure out the best way to incorporate this technology into its search results. 

It makes sense of ambiguous queries 

RankBrain is an algorithm that analyzes ambiguous and difficult-to-interpret queries. For instance, consider a query such as “what is the title of a consumer at the highest level of the food chain?” and consider if you would write that in a more concise manner. You would get two very different answers. Google’s search algorithm is capable of handling more precise queries and learning to correlate ambiguous phrases with more specific and concise terms. 

It tweaks the algorithm to increase or decrease the importance of specific ranking signals 

RankBrain is a machine-learning algorithm that helps Google process search queries. While human engineers still oversee the process, the algorithm tweaks itself to improve the user experience. For instance, it can increase or decrease the importance of specific ranking signals based on how users interact with it. If they find the new algorithm unappealing, the algorithm can roll back to its previous version.