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Keyword targeting 

On-page, SEO is a key component of SEO, and it can help you rank high for specific keywords. There are many different factors that contribute to successful on-page SEO. For example, the title tag and headings on a page should reflect the content. In addition, your website must have a relevant domain rating. Contact us to learn more about seo agency


H1 tags 

Using H1 tags on your page is a great way to improve your search engine ranking. Although these tags aren’t visible to humans, they are very helpful for search engine spiders. They are used to determine the relevance of your page and to determine how it ranks among other pages in search results. 

Internal linking 

Internal linking is an important part of on page SEO. It helps Google determine if your page has relevant content. The link text should include the target key phrase of your page. If you have a long keyword phrase, you may have to be more creative with your link text. For example, you might use “learning about cable installation safety tips” as your link text. This will still include the target key phrase of your page and will help your SEO efforts. 

Structured markup 

Using structured data in your website is a great way to boost the search engine ranking of your website. Structured data uses standardized implementations, terms and relationships to help the search engines better understand your website. This helps your site appear on the first page of the SERPs. It can also help increase your click-through rate. 

Duplicate content 

Duplicate content can negatively impact the SEO of a site in several ways. The first is that search engines have a harder time understanding duplicate content. Often, duplicate content is simply text that has been copied word for word or slightly altered from the original. Google refers to this as dynamic content. 

Keyword research tools 

If you’re trying to improve your website’s search engine optimization, keyword research tools can be very helpful. These tools will give you an overview of all the keywords related to your subject. They will also give you synonyms and related searches. While you can certainly do this manually, using keyword research tools will make the process much faster.