What is Marketing Video? 

Marketing videos are a great way to attract new website visitors and convert them into customers. The main purpose of inbound marketing is to collect contact information, and video can be an effective way to do this. At the attract stage, a video will educate viewers about a product or service, and excite them about the benefits of purchasing it. Videos can also be educational by offering a solution to a buyer’s problem, or they can explain the inbound sales methodology. Check my Blog

Explainer videos are a way to make your audience visualize themselves successfully using your product or service 

Explainer videos are short and simple videos that describe a product, concept, or business process in a clear, simple way. They often start with a problem that the product or service will solve and then go on to describe how the solution will work. 

You can create explainer videos yourself using software like Visme or hire a professional to produce the video for you. The quality of the audio and video will make a big difference in the success of your video. Make sure to hire professional voice actors to make your video come alive. 

Live video is a way to give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your company 

Live video can be an effective marketing tool if used properly. This type of video lets your audience interact with you and ask questions of you and your team. It is a good idea to anticipate the questions that your audience will ask, and prepare responses to those questions in advance. Additionally, you should be prepared to answer new questions as they arise. 

Live video can be a great way to promote a product launch or show customers behind-the-scenes action at your company. The Today Show, for example, frequently goes live, often during commercial breaks. A live video can also be used to promote a new product, as GM did with its live video promotion of the Chevy Volt. 


A business continuity plan involves putting in place a plan to keep the organization operating during a crisis or interruption in the flow of the business. This plan should account for such things as losing office space, moving employees to work from home, managing supply chain disruptions, and more. It should also include a communication strategy. Video can be an integral part of both of these strategies, keeping the organization intact and addressing customer concerns before they become a problem. 

Continuity video is a valuable way to build a brand, connect with clients, and increase online video traffic. It is also a powerful way to humanize your business brand. For example, you can use it to humanize your MSP brand and create a connection between your company and your clients. This will put your business at the forefront of your prospect’s mind, and increase your company’s visibility in the eyes of viewers. 


A marketing video should be as compelling as possible, and one of the most effective ways to do that is through music. You can commission an original piece or purchase a license to a track. It is important to choose your music wisely, as it will make a huge difference in the psychological impact of your video. 

Music should support the message of your video, rather than distract from it. For example, if you are promoting an important purchase or comparing similar products, a steady background track would be better for the video than a dramatic, complex melody. 


Editing a marketing video is not a difficult process, but it is important to keep the content simple. Avoid using too many transitions and effects. These elements can overshadow the content of the video. Instead, use subtle editing to make the video more effective. After assembling the raw shoot, begin editing. 

While it is tempting to incorporate all your footage into a single video, that’s not always the best option. Try incorporating a few film clips. This will give you a safety net in case something goes wrong during post-production.