Anyone who has already heard of digital marketing surely has also heard about marketing automation. And not in vain!

Marketing automation arises in response to the need for companies to carry out their digital strategies with efficiency and agility. The new communication channels require instantaneous, personal, and direct action with the users. The purpose of this methodology is to meet this objective in the shortest possible time. If you are interested in marketing automation for your project, call our Phoenix SEO service today!

What Is Marketing Automation?

The marketing automation methodology is based on the use of software with which we control specific processes of our company’s digital strategy, such as the segmentation of the target audience or email marketing campaigns. This work system manages to improve the conversion ratio thanks to the fact that it is possible to carry out a non-intrusive follow-up of users, saving costs, and with greater efficiency.

Keep in mind that using such software is of little utility on its own. To achieve its successful implementation, we must have a strategy behind it, that is, an action plan with specific objectives.

One of the essential factors for marketing automation to achieve results is the definition of our ideal buyer persona or client. Once we know your profile, it is necessary to identify where you are in the sales funnel to guide you towards conversion.

By automating these processes, we can act on many users without neglecting the personal and close relationship they require. Automating should never be confused with depersonalizing.


It is a handy tool to organize and launch your digital strategy. Other advantages are:

· Increase online sales

· Increase the number of new leads

· Segment our database to better understand our audience

· Save costs in the recruitment and sales process

· Unify business and digital efforts on a single platform

What Actions Can Be Automated

1. Segment the target audience

These tools are used to segment the database of potential customers quickly and efficiently. Segmentation can be done according to the phase of the sales funnel of each user and thus better guide them in the conversion process.

2. Personalize communication

You can address your users personally, carrying out email marketing campaigns segmented by groups according to their preferences or needs. Besides, you can carry out remarketing campaigns to reconnect with those users you have not heard from in a long time.

3. Schedule posts

The possibility of creating and scheduling campaigns, social media posts, or emails for the day and time you want is one of the significant advantages of marketing automation. Saving time adds to the effectiveness of the actions.

4. Monitor actions

Its implementation in your digital strategy allows you to monitor all the activities organized by segments. Thus, you will be able to effectively monitor your campaigns, using graphs and statistics to provide you with vital information.

5. Boost your brand on multiple channels

With some marketing automation tools, you can organize and control campaigns in all communication channels. In this way, it will be much easier to gain visibility and reach a higher number of potential customers.

Today, making use of marketing automation is vital for companies, since it allows better management of specific actions and tasks, being more profitable and efficient.

Likewise, being able to send the right message at the right time and to the right person will help us have a closer relationship with our potential clients.

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