What is Marketing Automation Video? 

If you’re interested in marketing automation, you need to know what it is. Marketing automation is the process of creating and distributing videos for advertising purposes. It’s important to create a strategy that involves analytics to determine which content performs best and which does not. This type of marketing campaign helps you understand how well your content is performing and can help you edit it to increase its effectiveness. 


Marketo is an integrated marketing automation platform that allows businesses to track, engage and convert prospects. Its powerful marketing automation tools include Analytics, La ead Database, and Design Studio. A quick tour of the user interface will show you how to use these functions to build a marketing campaign. You can also quickly understand the core responsibilities of your team members. 

With Marketo’s video integration, you can easily create campaigns that integrate video into the marketing automation platform. This allows you to track video engagement and generate leads. In addition, you can map content to lead profiles and score prospects. 


Rocketium is a SaaS marketing automation software company based in Newark, Delaware. It has developed several different products. At its core, the company focuses on creative automation and design process automation. Its platform helps global companies create high-quality graphics quickly and at scale. These graphics are used for marketing campaigns, site merchandising, and internal communications. 

Rocketium has a range of features, including video creation and publishing. It also features auilt-in integration with Google Drive. Many Rocketium customers use Google Drive, and the integration makes it easy to locate resources within Google Workspace. It can also link to Google Docs so that team members can easily provide feedback to the client. The platform also has full access to contact lists, which means that clients can view work in rreal time 

Brightcove Audience 

A marketing automation video tool like Brightcove Audience allows you to track unique video viewing behavior. With this tool, you can see how many people have watched a particular video and adjust your outreach accordingly. The video analytics are then automatically uploaded into your Brightcove Eloqua database and sync with Salesforce automatically. 

Brightcove’s video marketing suite includes a number of marketing applications, including analytics, media management, and video publishing. It is designed to enable marketers to reach their audiences in the right way and monetize their videos. The Brightcove , video marketing suite,includes the video cloud for content ingest, the Brightcove Media Platform, the Brightcove Gallery for fast video portals, and the Brightcove Audience video analytics. The Brightcove , video marketing suite,allows you to manage and upload your video library with ease,while delivering high-quality live video to your audience. It also gives you the ability to track your marketing video metrics, which are essential for ensuring that your videos are working to your benefit. 

Marketo’s marketing automation video 

Marketo is a leading marketing automation platform that helps marketers keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape. The company’s Engagement Marketing Platform spans social, mobile, and digital channels to deliver personalized interactions and real-time optimization. It also enables businesses to build YouTube channels to connect with prospects and customers. 

With a partnership between Marketo and TwentyThree, marketers can easily integrate video into their marketing stack and convert video viewers into leads. This integration lets marketers create automated workflows based on lead viewing behavior and set proactive alerts. Marketo Engage video thumbnails can also be embedded in marketing emails to increase click-through rates by up to 21%. It can also be integrated into the sales workflow, giving marketers the power to tailor and scale video marketing campaigns based on their audience.