What Are Digital Marketing Tools? 

There are a number of digital marketing tools out there. You can use these to make your job easier and more effective. These tools include Google Analytics, ZoomInfo, FreePik, and Canva. In this article, we’ll look at a few of them. These tools will help you make better decisions on what to do with your website or blog. 

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Canva is a great tool for creating high-quality, visuals for your digital marketing campaigns. It can help you create social media posts, ads, website banners, and even email headers. You can choose from a variety of templates and add your own ideas. You can use the service for free or subscribe for a small fee. 


FreePik offers a variety of free digital marketing tools to marketers. They include freemium illustrations, icons, presentation templates, and an online editor. Since its launch in 2010, FreePik has made strategic moves to improve its services and grow its user base. It has acquired two companies and expanded into the Nordic and Latin American markets. It has also appointed Carlos Cantu as its CMO. 


ZoomInfo is a sales intelligence tool that allows you to build a targeted list of contacts. This tool integrates with Salesforce and offers on-demand contact information. It also helps sales teams to improve their performance by providing accurate contact and company intelligence. In addition, ZoomInfo’s Growth Acceleration Platform can connect salespeople with decision-makers. 

Google Analytics 

One of the most important digital marketing tools available is Google Analytics, which provides up-to-date insights about web traffic. This free tool makes it easy for digital marketers to understand the types of visitors to their websites and how to optimize their content. Moreover, it is customizable, so users can create their own dashboards, or work from pre-defined templates. Once these dashboards have been set up, digital marketers can incorporate them into their day-to-day web data analysis processes. 

Facebook Insights 

Facebook Insights are a powerful tool for tracking how many people are engaging with your posts. They also allow you to compare your page with competitors’ pages. Facebook Insights will also help you determine the best times of day and posts to post to reach your target audience. 

Sprout Social 

Sprout Social is a great tool to use for social media measurement and optimization. This tool generates reports on the performance of your social media accounts automatically. Be warned that it may take up to 24 hours before the data is available. 

Google Agency Account Strategist 

A Google Agency Account Strategist is a professional responsible for optimizing Google Ads campaigns. The Account Strategist works on behalf of Google, so the tools they use are focused on the Google platform, rather than the business or industry of their clients. The Google Ads platform contains many powerful tools, but not all of them are right for every client and campaign. The Account Strategist’s recommendations should be carefully vetted by the account manager before implementing them.