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If you’re wondering what a digital marketing analyst does and how much they make, read on. In this article, you’ll learn about the job duties of a digital marketing analyst and the qualifications you need to become one. This is a growing field, and job applicants should consider the specific qualifications and skills needed to become a successful digital marketer. 

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Job duties of a digital marketing analyst 

Digital marketing analysts play a crucial role in ensuring that businesses succeed online. They analyze data to determine how online marketing campaigns are performing and relay that information to management. They are also responsible for researching digital marketing trends. These analysts are expected to provide frequent updates on advertising campaigns. In addition, they may also manage supplier relationships. 

To be considered for this job, you should be passionate about data and analytics. You should also have a strong understanding of marketing strategies and how to measure them. As a digital marketing analyst, you will be responsible for optimizing web pages, performing keyword searches, and analyzing data related to social media and search engine marketing. You will also be expected to develop detailed reports on your findings. 

A digital marketing analyst must be meticulous and organized. They will need to double check math calculations and numbers to make sure they are correct. Additionally, they must be strategic and think in the big picture. They will need to determine the best strategies to accomplish big goals and optimize marketing campaigns to achieve long-term success. 

Salary of a digital marketing analyst 

Digital marketing analysts develop and maintain marketing campaigns on the internet. They often work in an office environment but can also work independently. Their duties include analyzing and reporting on various aspects of an online marketing campaign and determining which strategies and technologies are most effective for achieving their clients’ goals. In addition, they are responsible for maintaining client accounts and tracking campaign expenses. 

In general, a digital marketing analyst makes around PS40,369 (US) per year. In India, this figure is Rs6,64,000 per annum. This is based on data collected from job postings in the past year. Depending on location and industry, the salary of this role can vary substantially. 

While salaries for digital marketing analysts vary by location, they are typically within the top twenty percent of pay. A median salary of $62,150 is expected, while the middle fifty percent of Digital Marketing Analysts earn between $54,600 and $58,000. Those at the top end of the pay scale can earn up to $120,460. For an individual filer in the middle tax bracket, this salary would translate to a take-home pay of $52,642/year (or $2,193 per paycheck).