What is DHL Ecommerce? 

DHL is a German logistics company that provides express mail, courier, and package delivery services. Part of the German logistics giant Deutsche Post, it delivers over 1.6 billion packages a year. Its international and domestic parcel delivery services use loop sorters to cut labor costs and provide a tracking number. You can use DHL eCommerce to send your products anywhere in the world. Here are a few things you should know about DHL eCommerce. 

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DHL eCommerce offers international and domestic standard parcel delivery 

If you want your products to be delivered fast, DHL eCommerce can be your best option. The company offers both domestic and international standard parcel delivery. For both domestic and international deliveries, DHL offers several services to suit your needs. These services include DHL SmartMail Flats, DHL SmartMail Bound Printed Material, and DHL SmartMail Express. DHL’s extensive global network of fulfillment locations ensures that no parcel is lost or delayed, and the company offers numerous payment and delivery options. 

DHL eCommerce offers both domestic and international standard parcel delivery. You can choose to ship your packages to any country in the world and get tracking information at any stage during transit. Depending on the destination country, international shipments can take as little as one to three weeks to arrive. While international delivery can be longer, DHL eCommerce also offers a domestic fulfillment option that allows high-volume online businesses to send their goods to a fulfillment warehouse for faster fulfillment. 

It uses loop sorters to reduce labor costs 

Automation is becoming increasingly important for distribution centers, and DHL eCommerce Solutions, a global courier company, has invested in loop sorters to reduce labor costs. Currently, the company has two types of loop sorters installed throughout its network, one in Newark and one in Los Angeles. The company says that its loop sorters reduce labor costs by 30% at a typical facility. By automating labor-intensive processes, loop sorters eliminate the need for 400 blue-collar workers and cut labor costs by 30 percent. 

To meet growing consumer demand, DHL eCommerce Solutions plans to grow its U.S. distribution center network by 70% over the next five years. In addition to increased automation, the company plans to install loop sorters at two DCs in Chicago and Cincinnati and add 26 line sorters to 19 facilities throughout the country. Its expansion will allow the company to keep pace with the growing volume of B2C and eCommerce sales. 

It uses USPS 

DHL eCommerce uses USPS for final delivery in the US. Your tracking number will show two different carriers. Your initial tracking number will be for DHL and the second will be for USPS. You can use the USPS tracking page to find out if your package was delivered to its destination. However, it is important to note that the DHL tracking number will not work if your package has not arrived at the processing facility. 

USPS beats DHL on price. USPS has more competitive shipping rates and hits customers with fewer surcharges. If you are running an e-commerce business, you should be using USPS, even if you’re shipping smaller items. If your shipment is less than 70 pounds, you should probably go with USPS. If you don’t want to use USPS, you can always use FedEx. 

It provides a tracking number 

DHL eCommerce provides tracking numbers for online customers who want to know their package’s status. Most shipments are tracked on a milestone basis, meaning the tracking number will change as the package travels. Sometimes tracking events are limited to the country of origin, and others occur only in the destination country. The tracking number typically starts with two letters and has up to 39 characters. If it doesn’t update, you can call the shipper to check the status of your package. 

When the item is delivered to a physical location, DHL requires a signature. This signature adds additional security to your package during delivery. The DHL delivery driver will guide you through the process and may request an identification card from you. Once you receive the delivery, you can track the package’s progress. If the tracking number doesn’t provide any additional information, contact the online store or merchant for further assistance.