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Anchor text is used in internal linking, and it’s vital to your SEO strategy. Using relevant anchor text makes your website look more natural, and the right anchor text is also better for search engines. There are several types of anchor text, including Exact match, Branded, and Branded plus keyword anchors. 

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Relevant anchor text looks more natural to readers 

When it comes to SEO, the use of relevant anchor text is crucial for attracting readers. It should flow naturally within the content of the website. The key is to remember that you are writing for readers, not robots. For this reason, you should avoid using exact match anchors. This practice will look unnatural to readers. 

The use of relevant anchor text will help Google understand the structure of a web page and provide more context for the reader. Generic anchor text provides no context to the reader and is less helpful. You should also avoid using page title anchors, which are seen as over-optimization by search engines. 

Exact match anchor text 

Exact match anchor text is an effective SEO technique, but it can be abused. Google penalizes this type of link, so it is best to use a mix of anchor texts. But when using exact match anchors, be sure to make sure that the anchor text is highly relevant to the content. 

Google’s algorithm understands natural language queries better than ever before, and the Hummingbird algorithm now puts more emphasis on meaning and context. This means that pages that rank for a target keyword also tend to rank for long-tail variations. These long-tail variations are responsible for the vast majority of traffic to a website. Exact-match anchors are only effective if the content on a page is relevant to one keyword. 

Branded anchors 

Branded anchors are text links that use the brand name of a company. They also include other text, such as the URL of the company’s website. This type of link should make up at least 10% of the backlinks on your site. In addition to websites, these links can appear in social media links and local directories. They can also be included in video and author profiles. 

Branded anchor text is used in conjunction with keywords, and should be memorable and positive. The goal is to get the brand to be remembered and increase clickthroughs. For maximum effect, you should use branded anchor text on around 15% of your links. Branded anchor text must be used in a natural manner. 

Branded plus keyword anchor 

Branded plus anchor text in SEO consists of a brand name and part of a key phrase. This combination makes it easy for users to locate pages related to a particular brand. SEOJet has backlink software that can create this type of anchor text. You can use this software to make sure that your anchor text includes a brand name or key phrase. 

Branded plus anchor text in SEO has a number of benefits. First, it helps Google link a brand’s name to its main product. It also helps search engines understand the image.