What Is a Funnel in Online Marketing? 

In digital marketing, a funnel is a process by which you convert a prospect into a customer. The main goal of a digital marketing funnel is to promote your core offer after your audience has been sold on your brand, content, and value. Here are five essential steps to create a funnel: 

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Build trust 

When people are considering buying a product or service, they are more likely to do their research before buying. Whether they are considering the latest technology, the best prices, or a product they need to fix a broken appliance, they begin their research at the decision stage of the funnel. At this point, they are no longer looking for promotional content, but instead are evaluating different options and taking action. The sales process is the next step. 

Track traffic sources 

Increasing your website traffic can be challenging, especially since the paths consumers take to your website are increasingly complex, involving multiple social media channels, online communities, and even mobile devices. For example, a repeat customer might stumble upon a display ad on a newsletter, or receive a recommendation in a Slack channel. Tracking traffic sources on each channel will help you identify more qualified traffic and improve your shopping experience. 

Create a funnel 

The process to make a sale requires a funnel. It has four distinct stages, each one geared to attract and convert your target audience. The bottom of the funnel is where your potential customers are ready to buy your product or service. During this stage, your job is to inspire your audience to make a purchase. Listed below are the stages in an online marketing funnel. To understand how to use the funnel, read on! 

Measure success 

To measure success with a funnel in online marketing, you must track both qualitative and quantitative metrics. Although tracking quantitative KPIs is important, they are not enough. Behavioral and qualitative data should be combined to make accurate conclusions. By tracking both, you can make informed decisions about the funnel.