For some businesses especially online retailers, their website is the main marketing channel and for others, it is an important source of leads. Hence businesses are investing a large amount in developing their website and marketing it to increase the number of leads and orders. Hence all businesses would like to maximize the number of leads, orders generated which is an indication of the conversion rate. If you are interested in more leads and sales opportunities, call our Phoenix SEO company at (480) 842-5055

To find out the behavior of visitors to the website it is necessary to have a good analytics tool, which will provide accurate data. Google Analytics is one of the most widely used analytics tools and some of the parameters measured are listed.

Google Analytics collects a wide range of information in real-time every time any internet user visits the website. One of the most important information it provides is how the website acquired the visitor. In case the visitor found the website using a search engine, it provides details of the search engine and the search terms which are being used. Details of social media advertising and promotion which was effective are also available. However, the most relevant information is related to advertising, especially Google AdWords. It provides information on how effective the advertising campaign is for various keywords at different times of the day. This information can be used to adjust advertising.

Website visitor behavior analytics

Another type of information which the business or webmaster will find useful is the behavior of the visitor at the business website. It provides details of the time the visitor spent on the website, the pages which he visited, how much time he spent on each page, and navigation on the website. It also provides details of the site search, whether the visitor used the search provided on the website to find more information, the keywords used to search for information, pages visited. Additionally, site speed information is also provided, the time it takes to load pages when the visitor checked the website.

The conversion report is another popular feature of Google Analytics. All businesses want their visitors to their website to either purchase a product or generate a lead. There are several steps involved in lead generation, and the Google Analytics software will help the user to find out if the visitor has taken any step towards the conversion goal. In eCommerce, many people are interested in placing an order, yet due to a number of reasons they may abandon their shopping cart. Similarly for lead generation, the visitor may decide not to submit a form. Google Analytics data can be used to analyze the behavior and take decisions to improve the conversion rate.

Google Analytics audience reports

The audience report feature of Google Analytics can be used by the business to modify its marketing and advertising strategy. The audience report provides details of the number of visitors to the website in a specified period. Usually, daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly reports are popular. Details of the active users, repeat visitors, and how they use the website are also available. The user flow reporting can help in streamlining the design of the website and adding more content if required.

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