How to Choose the Right Ecommerce Platform for Your Business 

Before choosing an eCommerce platform for your business, you should do exhaustive research to determine which features you need most. Your gross merchandise volume will be a key criterion. If you’re selling only a small number of products, you can use a free platform. But if your business sells more than a few hundred items, you may want to invest in a commercial platform. Read on for more tips on choosing the best eCommerce platform for your business. 

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Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform 

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that makes starting, running, and growing an eCommerce store easy and convenient. With its easy-to-use toolset, Shopify enables you to sell your products anywhere, configure payment options, and customize your store design. While there are several eCommerce platforms, Shopify stands out for its ease of use and reliability. Read on to find out more about this popular platform. 

One thing to keep in mind is that you will have to import data from your previous eCommerce platform if you want to move to Shopify. If you’ve been using Magento before, you can manually import data or use a free app to import it. The other option is to hire a Shopify Expert. While this may be expensive, it’s the safest option if you’ve got a large number of products or many products. 

Wix is a free eCommerce platform 

Wix is a free eCommerce website builder that offers drag-and-drop editing and a minimalistic dashboard. You can build an eCommerce website in just a few minutes using Wix’s drag-and-drop feature. Wix automatically creates collections and categorizes your products so you can easily navigate through them. It also has a taskbar at the top, which is great for navigating and adjusting various settings on your site. 

Wix is a great place to start your eCommerce activities if you are new to online marketing and have little or no knowledge of coding. The platform has many features, including marketing tools and step-by-step guides. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Wix can help you get up and running in a few hours. The site is extremely customizable, so you can build just about any type of online storefront you want. 

OpenCart is a commercial eCommerce platform 

If you’re looking for a high-quality commercial eCommerce platform, then OpenCart is for you. With no monthly fees and an intuitive admin interface, OpenCart is the perfect choice for small to mid-sized businesses. Whether you’re looking to manage multiple stores on one website or want to build a custom eCommerce solution from the ground up, OpenCart has the features you need to grow your business. OpenCart has more than 14,000 extensions available for customization, and there’s no need to pay a monthly fee. 

Unlike many commercial eCommerce platforms, OpenCart is free to download and does not require monthly fees. It also features a robust store management system that allows you to add as many products as you want, and the built-in SEO feature can improve page rankings and web traffic. OpenCart’s team of certified experts can help you set up your website and provide daily reports. In addition, OpenCart has an affiliate system built in that allows you to monetize your site by letting other businesses promote your products on a commission basis.