What Ecommerce Platform Has More Customers? 

There are several platforms that you can use to build an online store. These include BigCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, Dukaan, and more. You should choose the one that fits your needs best. Here are some things to consider when choosing an ecommerce platform: Its popularity among search terms is not a good indicator of a platform’s popularity with customers. It also does not measure the number of users or signups, which is important in determining the best ecommerce platform. 

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Shopify is one of the leading ecommerce platforms, with over sixty million registered users. It offers a flexible platform with advanced features and technology that help you build and run a successful ecommerce business. From personal storefronts to sales across various channels, Shopify enables you to build your business however you want. 

Shopify is cloud-based, meaning that you can run your business from any computer with an internet connection. The platform also handles software and server upgrades for you, which frees you up to do other things. Commerce businesses require an array of tools to manage their inventory, payments, and shipping. Fortunately, Shopify brings together a variety of these tools in one place, making them easier to use and more convenient to manage. 


Compared to its competitors, BigCommerce offers a higher-performing ecommerce platform. It implements Google AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, which boosts the speed of a page and makes it more visible to search engines. It also has Akamai Image Manager built in, which automatically optimizes images on your site. 

Bigcommerce also offers integrations with marketplaces, POS apps, and advertising platforms. It also allows you to add buy buttons and social icons to product pages. Additionally, it has the ability to synchronize product listings across all sales channels, including Facebook and Instagram. 


The Squarespace ecommerce platform is a powerful tool for online sellers. Squarespace has in-house marketing features to help you get noticed by search engines. It offers SEO tools and an app that can help you get better ranking on Google. This platform also offers analytics that can help you optimize your site. Squarespace also has a feature that sends reminders to customers if they forget to complete their purchases. 

The Squarespace mobile app offers similar features but is much more intuitive, including inventory management, order fulfillment, and tax management. This platform was designed to be easy to use and optimize. In addition to eCommerce tools, Squarespace offers a wide variety of marketing tools including social media integration, email campaigns, and SEO tools. Squarespace also offers 24/7 email support and live chat support. 


As the popularity of online shopping continues to rise, Dukaan aims to help merchants scale up their business with faster delivery and improved logistics. It has collaborated with Dunzo, a company that specializes in logistics software, to help merchants improve their online presence and maximize their financial opportunities. The two companies are on the brink of increasing their merchant user base. 

Dukaan offers an easy-to-use interface and a trusted, local network of trustworthy shops and loyal customers. The platform also provides technical support for local shops, so they can provide customers with the goods they need on a daily basis. Creating an online store on Dukaan is as easy as entering your name and business category, and clicking “Finish.” You can use ready-made product lists and business categories to get your store up and running quickly.