What Digital Marketing Is All About?

If you have a business and aren’t using digital marketing, you are missing out on potential customers. After all, most customers start their search for products and services online. According to research from RetailDive, 87% of shoppers begin their searches online before they even go to a brick-and-mortar store. 

Content marketing 

Content marketing is a popular method of promoting a brand online. This strategy includes a variety of methods to attract visitors to your site, from social media to email. Content marketing is also a great way to boost brand awareness and authority among a wider audience. This type of marketing is much broader than SEO and focuses on meeting the needs of your visitors. 

Content is a great way to reach your audience and compel them to take action. It can increase your sales, gain valuable customer insights, and activate your most passionate brand advocates. However, content marketing must be more than just marketing, it must be an integral part of your business’s digital strategy. 

Email marketing 

Email marketing is one of the many digital marketing techniques available. The process began in 1971 when Ray Tomlinson sent the first email. The email was simply a string of numbers and letters, but it introduced the “@” symbol that all email addresses must contain. In 1981, Gary Thuerk, a marketing manager at Digital Equipment Corp., sent an email to his list of 400 customers and received $13 million in sales. 

Email marketing helps businesses sell products and build relationships with their customers. The format of emails allows for one-to-one communication, and emails that focus on a relationship with the customer often receive the best response rates. Top marketers use email lists to broadcast their products and offers to their subscribers. This technique drives traffic to a website and boosts conversions. 

Social media marketing 

Social media is a popular method of advertising and is a highly effective way of attracting potential customers to your business. These sites help you build brand awareness, promote deals, and get direct customer feedback. In addition, social media marketing campaigns help improve SEO. By creating a profile and creating a page for your business, you can increase the amount of traffic to your site. You can also build authority in the industry by interacting with your target customers. 

When creating social media content, you need to be aware of the frequency of your audience’s “touches.” A high number of interactions will increase your chances of conversions, but a low engagement rate will mean that your content isn’t connecting with your audience. A good way to gauge this is to perform social media analytics. 

Paid search advertising 

Paid search advertising in digital marketing is a great way to get your brand or product at the top of the search results. Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, paid ads can help you get in front of your target audience. By targeting the right people with relevant ads, you can boost your business’s visibility and click-through rate. 

Paid search advertising is a highly effective marketing channel because it allows you to reach out to potential buyers who are actively looking for your products or services. However, you must do it right. Paid search advertising is competitive and you must make sure your ads are compelling. Growth Marketing Genie helps you create compelling ads that will convert more traffic to sales.