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There are some things you should keep in mind when writing your Meta data, keywords, and title tag. You should use keywords that are relevant to your website, but also make sure to keep the meta description to less than 160 characters. You can use an example meta description below to get an idea of how long a description can be. If you exceed the character limit, Google will most likely ignore it. The length of a meta description is important if you want your website to appear on Google’s first page. Contact us to learn more about seo phoenix

Meta description 

When writing the meta description, it’s important to have a powerful emotional appeal to encourage viewers to click through to your page. The description should be concise, but not too short. It should include just a few carefully chosen words and should be optimized for SEO. When writing meta descriptions, remember that you have only milliseconds to capture your viewers’ attention. For the most impact, write in an active voice, making your meta description as easy to understand as possible. 

Meta keywords 

In 2017, Google made changes to the length of snippets on its search results pages. A recent SEMRush study concluded that pages with meta descriptions of more than 320 characters did better in search engine results. Meta descriptions should convey the most important information about the site and answer the user’s query. However, the length of the meta description should not limit its scope. Ideally, it should be as concise as possible without falling short of the character limit. 

Meta title tag 

You can use a strong keyword in your Meta title, but the limit is still a big factor. In addition to keeping the length under the limit, you should make sure your meta title is cohesive and descriptive. Once you’ve added your keyword, monitor it closely and revise it if necessary. Ideally, your meta title should be between 60 and 70 characters. This will ensure that it’s displayed in search results. 

Meta description length 

In recent years, Google has increased the character limit for meta descriptions. In 2017, the limit was expanded to 320 characters. According to a study by SEMRush, meta descriptions with more than 320 characters performed better. Despite the new character limit, meta descriptions should be clear and succinct.  

Social media markup 

To improve your link’s appearance on social media, use the most popular meta tags to create compelling content. Facebook and Twitter both use the OG meta tag to indicate the content’s title. The title appears in bold on Facebook and in search results. While there are no character limits for titles, experts recommend keeping them to 40 characters for desktop and 60 characters for mobile. In addition, titles should not contain branding information or advertising information.