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The different types of rich snippets on Google Search include Featured snippets, Rich results, and Table snippets. Featured snippets answer a user’s query directly in the results page. Rich results provide a table of contents or list, while Table snippets show a table of contents instead of the search result.

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Featured snippets answer a user’s query directly on the results page

Featured snippets answer primarily the questions people ask in search engines. You can write your snippets to answer a question in a short, simple way, using the active voice. But it’s not recommended that you write a five-page essay about your topic. If you want your snippet to be featured, you’ll need to rank on the first page of Google.

Rich results answer a user’s query directly on the results page

Rich results are HTML-based answers to a user’s query on the results page of Google Search. These results contain extra elements that help search engines identify the different elements of a web page. Sites without structured data aren’t eligible for rich results. Structured data is a standard language used to mark up pages by the biggest search engines, such as Google.

Table snippets provide a table of contents

In a recent search, I noticed a new feature in Google Search: Table snippets. These snippets display a table of contents for a table in the results. If your page contains an HTML table, you can also use the caption tag to treat it like an article. Google understands this semantic relationship and displays data from various rows and columns. When possible, tabled content should be topic-related or pattern-related. Also, you should include a structured snippets header, which can help Google understand your table.

Rich results provide a list

Google has recently introduced the ability to display rich snippets, which are descriptions of website content that appear above the results in Google Search. These snippets are a great way to attract more traffic to your website. They are also part of the Knowledge Graph, which helps Google deliver more relevant search results. However, they are not guaranteed to appear in Google Search. To test whether your website is ready to use rich snippets, you can visit Google’s search platform and run a free test.

Rich snippets help you position your brand as a topical authority

Using a rich snippet in your website content is an effective way to increase your exposure in Google Search. This type of information is displayed in the SERPs, and it allows you to position your brand as an authority in a particular topic. Rich snippets are made up of structured data that Google can easily manipulate.