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There are many SEO mistakes that website owners make and some are worse than others. Keeping in mind the purpose of search engines, you should make your website easy to read, honest, and intuitive. But you should be careful because some common SEO mistakes can hurt your website’s search traffic. Fixing these problems one by one is crucial. Follow a technical SEO audit checklist to make sure that your website is compliant with the guidelines and standards. Contact us to learn more about

Overlooking the technical side of SEO

The technical side of SEO involves the optimization of internal links, content, usability, and site architecture. It takes extensive knowledge of search engine algorithms and practice to get it right. For example, you might not use canonical tags to tell the search engines which content is the most important. Then you might have duplicate content, or your site may have an incorrect URL parameter set, wasting crawl budget.

While a website can have excellent content and an effective outreach campaign, it won’t rank for the targeted keywords if its technical SEO isn’t up to par. If the search engine can’t index the page quickly, it won’t have any chance of ranking for the targeted keywords. Furthermore, if it isn’t fast enough, it won’t build an authority position. It will also have a hard time competing with competitors.

Default, duplicate or underoptimized metas

Using the wrong title and description tags can have disastrous results for your rankings. Your title and meta description should be unique and relevant to your content. If they are not, you will likely receive lower click-through rates and your rankings will suffer as a result. Default, duplicate, and under-optimized metas can damage your ranking, so make sure they are all unique to your content.

When using duplicate or under-optimized metas, you’re actually confusing the search engines and losing valuable traffic. Inexperienced webmasters fill out these fields with their target keywords, which is completely useless. You should instead redirect the page to its equivalent. This is the most effective solution when possible. Default, duplicate, or under-optimized metas are common SEO mistakes.

Overlooking search intent

One of the most common SEO mistakes is overlooking the search intent of users. Google prioritizes sites that satisfy the user’s search intent, which is the ultimate motivation behind their query. For example, a search for “digital marketing” would suggest that the user’s intent is to find information. But many marketers fail to understand the user’s intent and end up wasting a lot of time and resources. To avoid this mistake, you should check your search results to make sure your content aligns with the intent of your users.

Underoptimizing anchor text

One of the most common SEO mistakes is under-optimizing anchor text. This is a common mistake that often results in lower rankings and less traffic. In addition, many websites create content that has no real purpose other than to increase visibility. Instead of writing quality content, they choose generic or duplicate content. This type of content does not give visitors what they are looking for, so it is important to choose the right anchor text.