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Podcasts are one of the best ways to build your brand. This way, you can get to know your audience on a personal level while sharing valuable information. Many people who start a podcast to grow their audience, are actually getting very little traction. This is why it’s so important to avoid imitating what other podcasts are doing. Contact us to learn more about seo agency


I’m gonna say this one time… and only once. No more than a couple of times. And if you break that rule… well then, this message might not make sense at all. There are so many podcasts floating around. And while it’s great to have lots of options, you might be tempted to listen to your competitors’ podcasts. After all, you have all the same equipment, and they probably have the same things on their list of must-have podcasts. The problem is, when you listen to a podcast, your brain wants to fill in the missing information. So, instead of listening to a podcast about a product you want to learn about, your mind fills in the blanks with information about the competitors’ products.

In conclusion, if you have the same audience as someone else and are only looking to gain a little bit of exposure or to gain a few extra subscribers, you should be perfectly fine listening to them. The issue comes when you want to make the jump into actually building a successful podcast with a full staff. If you are in the latter stage of building a successful podcast, there is no room for other people to be involved unless they are going to be contributing money, time, or expertise. If you’re looking to build your podcast into something bigger than you can handle alone, you should look elsewhere for help. The only people who will be able to help you out in this stage are those with either a lot of experience themselves or a lot of money and time to throw at this venture.