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There are many different strategies for marketing your online business. While social media is certainly popular, it won’t get you results the same day. Marketing strategies are not short-term, but rather plan for long-term growth and sustainability. When it comes to building an online store, most online retailers focus on delivering instant gratification and running Google and Facebook ads. While social media is good for immediate gratification, SEO is best for long-term growth and low acquisition costs. 

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51 tactics 

If you’re looking to grow your business and stay ahead of the competition, you should utilize the power of digital marketing. If you know how to optimize your marketing efforts, you’ll be able to gain an edge over your competitors and sidestep landmines in the process. 51 tactics for online marketing can help you reach your business goals. Read on to learn more about these effective methods. You’ll be glad you did! Listed below are some of the top ways to improve your online marketing. 

Ways to evaluate a digital marketing strategy 

There are several ways to evaluate the effectiveness of a digital marketing strategy. Often, the ROI of a digital marketing strategy is hard to calculate, but tracking conversions can help you gauge the success of your marketing campaign. In addition to measuring ROI, you can track how much money you spent on marketing materials and how many conversions were made. If your ROI is low, you may want to consider scaling back your digital marketing efforts. 

Ultimately, digital marketing strategies aim to increase traffic to a company’s website. These visitors are there for specific reasons and do not just browse the Internet. As a result, more visitors mean more chances to educate prospective customers about your company’s products or services. The more visitors you attract, the more leads you’ll receive, and the more sales you’ll make. Those are all important metrics for evaluating a digital marketing strategy. 


While traditional marketing methods are still effective, they aren’t cheap and are often too complicated for small businesses to manage. Oftentimes, it’s also difficult to compete in these spaces due to the limited budgets for advertising. With online marketing, you can expose thousands of people to your business for as little as $3, which compares to $57 or $28 in traditional marketing methods. With online marketing, you only have to spend your time, not money. 

Social media marketing strategies are also incredibly cost-effective and can reach a large audience for a relatively low investment. In addition to boosting brand awareness, social media pages also provide a way to sell products to a large audience. Even though you can register and manage a social media account for free, the payoff is huge. Social media marketing can drive up sales and boost brand loyalty at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. 

Key performance indicators 

KPIs are important tools that help marketers gauge success. They are important in determining if a particular strategy is working, and to identify any processes that need improvement. Online marketing can be measured in several ways, including traffic sources, the sales funnel (the process of acquiring customers), and the performance of keywords. Other KPIs include views on mobile devices and social media platform followers. Knowing which metrics to track can help marketers develop more effective marketing strategies. 

One important metric to track is the return on investment. Return on investment refers to the amount of revenue a marketing campaign generates compared to the cost of the campaign. It is considered the most important of all KPIs and can be calculated using several methods. The most common formulas used for ROI include the number of leads generated, average value-per-lead, and lead-to-win ratio. However, calculating ROI may be difficult in certain cases.