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There are a number of different bidding strategies in PPC advertising, each with its own unique characteristics. Each one works best for a specific campaign and can deliver excellent results if you choose the right one. Contact us to learn more about phoenix seo

Expert PPC Bidding Strategies

Manual Cost Per Click:

The original and most popular of all bid strategies, manual cost per click is an efficient way to drive traffic to your website or landing page. It gives you control over your keyword bids, which can be important if you want to target specific keywords that you know are competitive. However, it can be time-consuming and may not produce as many conversions as other types of bidding strategies. 

Automated Bid Strategy:

A great alternative to manual bidding, automated bidding is an effective way to optimize your pay-per-click campaigns. It aims to get as many ad clicks as possible for the budget you set. This is useful if you have a limited budget and don’t want to spend all of it on a particular ad group or keyword. 

Maximize Clicks:

One of Google’s newest bidding strategies, maximize clicks aims to get as many ad views as possible for a certain amount of money. It uses historical data to make sure you’re getting the most out of your PPC budget. 

Rules-Based Bidding:

Another option, rules-based bidding allows you to set a series of conditions that will trigger bid adjustments at the keyword level. These adjustments can include lowering or raising bids for ad groups that are falling behind your target CPA. 

It can be useful when you want to make changes quickly, as it doesn’t take into account other bids or how they affect your campaign budget goal. It also lets you create multiple rules for each keyword so that you can ensure your ads are always achieving the maximum possible ROI. 

Rule-based bidding can be a great way to automate a lot of different tasks, but it’s not a good choice for all advertisers. It can be difficult to scale, and it could cause problems if you’re trying to reach a large number of keywords. 

Target ROAS and Maximize Conversions: 

The target ROAS bidding strategy is a great option for B2B businesses that want to focus on lead generation goals. It uses machine learning to optimize your campaigns to achieve a specific CPA. 

This is a good strategy to use when you have a high-quality score and lots of historical data. It’s also a great choice for campaigns that have a low ROI, as it will help you optimize toward a profitable conversion rate. 

Rules-Based Bidding:

Google’s rules-based bidding is an excellent option for managing a large campaign with hundreds or thousands of keywords and ad groups. It is particularly useful for e-commerce businesses that don’t have a strict CPA or ROI target and want to optimize their ads to maximize sales.